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remember thisReviewed by Shelly

To say I’m a little dizzy from the shenanigans in Remember This would be putting it mildly. Reading the blurb, I expected something different that what I read. Former ballerina Cece Newman is now a mother of a precocious five year-old little girl and does renovation designs. She’s competing in a reality show to earn some much needed money and to give her company some much needed exposure. The home that she’s renovating on the show belongs to Brock Thorn. Brock, a former NFL player and the father of Cece’s daughter, is thrilled that he’s finally pinned down Cece in a place where he can get the answers that he’s been looking for.

Part of my apathetic feelings towards this Cece and Brock story is that I just didn’t think there was enough about them. Their story starts out well but got side tracked when way too many other story lines were introduced. I don’t have a problem with having diverse and plenty of supporting characters because when done well, they can be the difference between a good and great book. But what I have a problem with was that these characters had separate voices and their own stories all trying to be told in this single story – it’s a quick 158 pages. Outside of Cece and Brock relationship, I had to keep track of the other stories out of necessity because I couldn’t keep up. Even worse, some of the storylines didn’t have any significance to the main characters nor did I feel resolution for many of them by the end. But I did get my HEA, so that did a lot to bring me back from the ledge.

Cece is a likable enough character but I can’t put my finger on what made me not like her. I kept reading to see if I could develop some kind of a familiarity with her, but no such luck. One thing I didn’t understand nor did I try to after awhile – her ‘overnight’ change of heart to sleep with Brock after not even talking directly with him for the last five years. I didn’t understand that one at all. There was an interesting side story between Lilly and her gentleman friend that I though held a lot of promise but that wasn’t seen through so…

Brock was a okay kind of guy, he seemed to love Cece and he was a very good father. One thing I really liked about him was his relationship with his daughter – he gave her the greatest gift, his time, and that’s impossible for me to hate on. Brock came across as just another guy, he was willing to accept sex from Cece without fighting for a relationship. I know that I was neither sympathetic towards him nor did I like him as much as I liked his brother Matty. Now Matty deserves his own story, he’s all kinds of messed up.

Like I said, I didn’t see why the plethora of other characters had such big parts of this relatively short read. I’m not going to give away the story lines but these are the ones that I kept of:

1. Matty (Brock’s brother by their father) & Alandra (wife of a member of the local government).
2. Matty & Nikki (Matty’s twin sister).
3. Uncle Carlton (the siblings uncle by their father).
4. Jan (producer).
5. Gloria (host of the reality show).
6. Lilly (Cece’s sister) & Abe (foreman).
7. Mama Lou (Brock’s biological mother who also helped raise Matty).
8. Kitty (Matty & Nikki’s mother).

Overall, I think this is an okay story that could have been so much better with some stronger editing.

Happy Reading Folks!

Rating: C+

*ARC provided by author for review

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Remember This
by Kenya Carlton
Release Date: June 22, 2013
Publisher: Parker Publishing

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