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savin meReviewed by Shelly

The first in Lynne’s Heat Wave series, Savin’ Me is a fast and fun read. Kat Owens is a young woman on the corporate ladder; she’s on the upward path to become a VP at her marketing firm. No one, including Erik Monteague, is going to get in her way. Charming and good-looking, Erik, one of Kat’s clients, is bent on seduction, but he’s guarding some secrets of his own.

This is my first Lynne story and I was really pleased with not only the story line but the characters as well. Kat comes from parents that are very hands-off. Thank fully, she has a grandfather who’s on her side, no matter what, and has gotten her through some emotional baggage. She’s got a little bit of bad taste in her mouth from her last job, including a liar of a best friend. Sometimes you just have to get away, and that’s what Kat does. She moves to a new place to start over.

For being so career driven and wanting to please her parents, I found myself empathizing with Kat and her internal and external struggles. And as I am a big lover of grandparents… that storyline about her relationship with her grandfather totally pulled at my heart strings. Big sigh.

Erik was a nice enough guy. He loved his family, his friends and his employees – so that was good and made him very likable. There was something about him that didn’t make me fall in love with him, though. I think it might have to do with his guilt over his dead fiancée, especially considering it was ten years prior. That’s a long time to grieve and then just give up that grief in the short amount of time he knew Kat. But… I can’t fault the love and respect that he had for those still around. Like I said, he’s a nice enough guy.

The chemistry between Kat and Erik was good. The sexy times were pretty good too. There’s a lot of back and forth in the tug of war that is love and seeing these two fall in love was a pleasant treat. If you’re looking for a fun read that packs some heat and good looking guys, this is the one for you.

Happy reading folks!

Rating: B-

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Savin’ Me
by Alannah Lynne
Re-Release Date: February 27, 2013

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