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tempt the starsReviewed by Jen

Cassie Palmer fans have been waiting an age for a resolution to the cliffhanger from Hunt the Moon.  If the years have dulled your memory, Pritkin saved Cassie’s life by using his forbidden demonic powers and was promptly whisked back to hell by his dear old dad for breaking the rules.  Well, I’ll tell you this, we get the rescue mission we’ve been waiting for, but don’t expect to be satisfied.  This book ends with a cliffhanger just as gnarly as the last one.  The story kept me glued to the pages, then made me want to poke my eyes out at the very end.  Karen Chance is killing me.

The book picks up just a few days after the events of the last installment. Cassie is bent on rescuing Pritkin, but knows it’s going to take more power and know-how than she’s got.  So she crafts a plan to go back in time to find her mom in the hopes that the goddess can help her craft a rescue plan. Unfortunately, that proves to be almost as difficult as the trip to hell.  Cassie must navigate through time and roadblocks in her own past just to start her journey.  And once she figures out what to do, her trip into the underworld is fraught with danger and betrayal.  Pritkin’s dad won’t give him up willingly, and Cassie’s power is acting wonky.  It’s a cluster from beginning to end that Cassie can barely make it through alive.

The odds are against Cassie at every turn, but she never gives up.  Her single-minded focus to save Pritkin never wavers. How she can’t realize she is in love with him is completely beyond me.  As for Mircea, he’s around… sort of.  But he exists solely in the overwhelming shadow of Pritkin.  You can really almost forget he’s part of the bigger picture.   Or at least, I did, because all I cared about was finally reuniting Cassie and her war mage… about getting him back into her world.   That’s the whole book: the mission.  It’s action, action, action, with a dash of emotion and origin story.  So much is happening. Poor Cassie never seems to catch a break, never seems to get a breather.  I had hoped we would have more relationship progression, but there is so much external stuff, there is little room for internal.  That is, perhaps, my only complaint, other than the ending.

I was absolutely riveted.  Then, about 95% into the book, the floor dropped out from under me, and what followed was a barrage of anger, disbelief, confusion, frustration… and then it was over.  I absolutely will not spoil what happens, but I will say it will leave you counting the days, months, years? until the next book comes out.

Rating: B+

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Tempt the Stars
by Karen Chance
Release Date: October 8, 2013
Publisher: Signet Select


  1. Redbutterfly says:

    Well you don’t have to worry about waiting years because Karen Chance already announced that the next book is coming in 2014 and it’s called: Reap the Wind. The next Dory is up in the air, she doesn’t know when its coming out and that made me pissed because I haven’t read the Cassie Palmer series yet and I totally love the Dorina Basarab series. Knowing that I’ll have to wait I don’t know how long to the next book didn’t make me a happy camper lol

    Even though I haven’t read the series yet I’m team Pritkin, because I already see Mircea as Dory’s father only, and finding out about his relationship with Cassie was like finding out that my father has a girlfriend a loooooooot younger than me eeeeeeeeeewwwwww lol Yeah not a lot of sense in that, I know XD

  2. Jen at Red Hot Books says:

    Thanks for the great info!! I will keep my fingers crossed that it won’t get pushed back. 🙂

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