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perfect matchReviewed by Janell

This book was just what I needed: adorable and funny with a fast pace and a slightly cranky British hero. I read it in my car, after dark, while eating a pint of ice cream, because I wanted to give the babysitter enough time to put my kids to bed. And then I read it in bed before I fell asleep, picked it up when I woke up, and read while I ignored my kids doing possibly dangerous things on skateboards until I finished it. I haven’t breezed through a book like that in a while, so, like I said, it was just what I needed.

Plot, you ask? It’s slightly ludicrous. Honor turns 35 and her OB tells her that her eggs aren’t getting any younger. She’s had a friends-with-benefits relationship for years and so she decides to propose to the lucky fellow and get started on the baby-making. He rejects her with a terrible sports metaphor (no, a simile, Honor corrects), and then rather quickly proposes to her best friend. This results in an impressive bar fight.

Tom, meanwhile, is from England and his work visa isn’t being renewed. He wants to stay in town to be close to a boy who was almost his stepson, and his great-aunt knows Honor’s grandmother, so they’re set up. The first meeting is terrible, the second isn’t much better, but by the third time Honor is in a certain mood and Tom is rather charming and she goes home with him and then proposes.

I expected smooth sailing after that, but it did not happen. Tom is emotionally closed off, Honor has a no-sex rule (after that one time), and the ex-boyfriend and ex-friend pop up every now and then muddying the waters. So it was not predictable, it was even prickly at times, which was cool.

Things I loved: Tom’s charm and sarcasm, Honor’s sister Prudence who wears men’s clothes and talks about all the crazy sex she has with her husband, Honor’s eccentric extended family, Tom’s love for his stepson, Honor’s humorous inner thoughts, the family winery setting, even the small town with its know-it-all locals.

Things I didn’t love: the dialogue between Honor and her old eggs, even though sometimes the eggs said funny things, because Honor didn’t need to talk back to them; her tiny purse dog Spike because Spike didn’t like Tom; Tom taking too long to fall for Honor because he’s sometimes a dolt; the crisis happening so close to the end that I worried the resolution would be too trite (it wasn’t, really, but I worried).

The heat level is low, there was kissing and then some positioning but mostly it was behind closed doors. It wasn’t a big part of the book.

This is the second in a series, and this author’s style is so easy and lively, the setting is so fun, that I would totally go back for the first, or try another of her books. I’ll just have to plan it around a babysitter.

Grade: A-

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The Perfect Match
by Kristan Higgins
Release Date: October 29, 2013
Publisher: Harlequin


  1. Shelly Browne says:

    You know it’s good when you depend on the babysitter to watch the kids while you read.

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