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until nowReviewed by Shelly

Until Now is part of the Kayla Perrin’s Harts in Love series and tells the story of Callie Hart’s friend, Tamara Jackson. I’ve not read any of the stories in the series so I don’t know the history of Tamara, other than she’s Callie’s best friend. Until Now makes an attempt to touch on life after abuse. Tamara’s ex-husband has been convicted and sentenced for his crimes. In an attempt to give herself and her son, Michael, a new start in life, Tamara moves back to where she grew up. Marshall Jennings, best friend to Callie’s husband, is a fellow police officer. Can Tamara get past her preconceived ideas about Marshall to find her everlasting love?

I was expecting a lot of emotion with this story. I expected to read of a heroine who was very hesitant and resistant about a new relationship. I was expecting to find a broken but mending woman when it came to the idea of introducing a new man in her life. I expected these things because I thought the topic of abuse wouldn’t be so… superfluous. This story almost, but not quite, made me feel bad about myself for not liking Tamara. She’s the victim but the way she was written, I couldn’t stand her, and as a matter of fact, I absolutely did not want her to end up with such a nice guy as Marshall.

She was so blatantly rude to him sometimes about his supposed playboy past; I couldn’t understand why any man worth his salt would put up with it. I mean, I understand being leery of someone, but she wasn’t leery, just plain rotten. One of the things about Tamara that I was disappointed in was that her recovery wasn’t revealed other than mentioning that she had a year of therapy. For as long as it was implied that she was abused, I didn’t buy that a year of therapy ‘cured’ her of the negative emotions that came along with her abuse.

Marshall wasn’t just a police officer, he’s also the son (and heir, I’m assuming) of a local businessman. So he has the nice car, big house and big bank account but those things didn’t make me either like or dislike him. If anything his appreciation of his friendship with Callie’s husband and his easy acceptance of Tamara’s son made him a likable hero. Between the H/h, I did like him better but I didn’t feel connected or vested in him until about the last 10% of the story and by then it was too late.

Overall, this story felt really flat – very much like it was just going through the motions and I can’t say it was good or bad – just alright.

Happy reading folks!

Rating: C

*ARC provided by Harlequin Kimani Romance via NetGalley for review

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Until Now
by Kayla Perrin
Release Date: August 20, 2013
Publisher: Harlequib Kimani Romance

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