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wicked and dangerousReviewed by Jaimie

Wicked and Dangerous combines novellas from Shayla Black’s Wicked series, and Rhyannon Byrd’s Dangerous Tides series, giving the reader two steamy, well written experiences in one book!  I’m a huge Shayla Black fan and have read every single one of the Wicked books so I was really looking forward to Wicked All Night.  I have read some of Byrd’s books but did not read the first story in the Dangerous Tides series and thankfully Make Me Yours was written in a way that I didn’t feel like I was behind or missing any information.

Wicked All Night is Decker McConnell and Rachel Linden’s story.  At the very beginning of the story we see Decker with Xander and Javier, who are his bosses, but that is the only glimpse we get of the core group from the series.  One of the things I enjoy about the Wicked group is the way that the people are always in each others lives, but since it was a shorter story I knew the focus had to be on the couple.

Decker has been approached by a man who tries to hire him to kill a woman who lives in the town where Xander and Javier now reside.  After seeing a picture of the beautiful teacher, Decker “accepts” the job in order to buy some time and try to get close to Rachel, while protecting her as well.  While out at the bar to celebrate her birthday, Decker approaches Rachel and hits on her in order to get close.  While his interest in her is genuine, you just know that before the story is done she is going to find out why he’s there, and it won’t be pretty.

Ms. Black writes her sex scenes flawlessly and I loved that there was realism in the story in that Rachel was insecure about her body and her sexuality after her divorce.  Her ex-husband had put her down and made her feel inadequate sexually, and watching Decker work to make her comfortable with herself made me cheer for him even more.   It also made Rachel much more relatable for me and allowed me to connect with her.

The nature of the short story required that things move at a fast pace but I didn’t feel like I “missed” anything if that makes sense.  Decker works at figuring out who is threatening Rachel and the entire arc takes place over a very short period of time.  I was wrong with who I guessed was behind the threat to Rachel and I love being wrong when I’m reading.  Overall it was a very satisfying story and I hope that we have the chance to get to know Decker and Rachel more in future Wicked books!

Rating: A

Make Me Yours revolves around Scott Ryder, a sheriff’s deputy, and Lily Heller, the daughter of his former boss.  Lily shows up on Scott’s door one night on the run after witnessing her father’s murder at the hands of a terrorist that is now chasing her.  After thinking he had killed Radovich in their last encounter, Scott agrees to protect Lily despite the obvious history and chemistry between the two.

The tortured hero trope is one I will never get tired of and its clear that there is some messed up stuff in Scott’s childhood.  He has stayed away from Lily in an attempt to “protect” her and she is not having any of that.  At every turn she tries to tempt and tease him in order to get him to give in on his obvious attraction to her and the chemistry between them is hot!  As he works to eliminate the threat to Lily, Scott is unable to resist her for long, but he battles his inner demons while trying to convince himself that it is just sex.

Again, as is necessary with a shorter story, the action plays out fast and there is a resolution fairly quickly.  If I had any complaints it would be that Lily never really seemed to grieve for her father, but since the story only spans a few days that could explain it.  Overall it was well written and crazy hot and this is a series that I will definitely keep up with.

Rating: B+

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Wicked and Dangerous
by Shayla Black & Rhyannon Byrd
Release Date: October 1. 2013
Publisher: Berkley

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