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witch boundReviewed by Jaimie

Witch Bound is the second book in the Twilight of the Gods series by Eleri Stone.  While you could read this one on its own, I suggest going back and reading the first book (which I reviewed as well), Demon Crossings, to help with a bit of the mythology and story line.

Witch Bound revolves around Raquel Lindgren, a witch from another clan, who is supposed to be marrying Christian in a marriage arranged by their parents a long time ago.  Raquel shows up in Ragnarok for the wedding and to make her new home there, but finds herself more attracted to Fen, a hound and the intended best man for the wedding.  Fen is determined to never take a mate due to the bond that hounds form with the first person they have sex with.  He can come up with plenty of reasons why they shouldn’t be together but Raquel is determined to fight for what she wants.

Someone is causing a weakness in the fault that stops demons from coming into their land, and the clan is looking at Raquel to help the older witch Lois, put a stop to it.  The only problem is, Raquel cannot tap into her powers and no one informed the clan of this before she came over.  There does not seem to be any dispute that she holds an incredible amount of power, but there is some type of block there that only allows her to perform basic magic.

Raquel is stressed out about her upcoming wedding and while hiding out in the bathroom, she overhears Christian saying that he is only marrying her out of obligation.  Lois is downright belligerent and doesn’t like the new witch stepping on her toes, and Raquel’s only source of happiness through all this is her friendship with Fen.

While trying to help her work through the block to her magic, Fen starts to fall in love with Raquel even though he knows he can never do anything about it.  Once the wall breaks down, her powers come tumbling out and she figures out what is causing the portal to be unstable.  In order to stop it, she must cross over with the hunt and free the Vanir who had kept Grace and Hailie safe in Demon Crossings.  After they successfully cross over to rescue him, Raquel uses magic to bind herself to the Vanir, a plot point which I suspect will come up in later books.  I’m very interested to see the effects of that piece of magic later on.

I loved Fen in Demon Crossings, so I was looking forward to watching him get his happily ever after.  Once a hound has sex with a woman they are irrevocably bound to that woman, while the woman doesn’t necessarily feel the same.  Fen has watched his fellow pack member torment himself over the woman he bonded with when they were young, and he does not want to experience the same pain.  I don’t want to give anything away but I will say that I loved the way their story played out.  I know Fen is absolutely against having kids but I think it would be sweet later on to see him with kids.

There are so many stories waiting to be told in this series and I’m looking forward to reading them all!

Rating: B

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Witch Bound
by Eleri Stone
Release Date: June 24, 2013
Publisher: Carina Press

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