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to tame a wildeReviewed by Shelly

After reading Terry’s story (To Have a Wilde) about the other twin and being disappointed, I wanted to see if this would be a better read. It wasn’t. With the blessing of the Wilde family, attorney Sinclair Adams goes to Hawaii to negotiate a deal with the grown twin sons of the Wilde patriarch. Nick Kealoha is adamant that he will not give up any of their rights to the Wilde ranch back in Wyoming. Once they finally see each other, the sparks fly.

I thought about not finishing this story so many times. I can only tolerate ‘blue eyes’ and ‘baby’ so many times before I want to pull my hair out. This story like its predecessor had a problem with names and being consistent. I don’t know if it’s a lack of editing or just an I don’t give a sh*t what’s on the bookshelf attitude but I don’t like sloppy work. Here’s what I mean. In To Have a Wilde, the biological father is named Jedediah Clinit Wilde. In To Tame a Wilde, the biological father is named Clint Jedediah Wilde. In To Have a Wilde, Nick’s twin is named K’anou ‘Key’ Kealoha. In To Tame a Wilde, Nick’s twin is named Keanu ‘Key’ Kealoha. In To Have a Wilde, the mother is named A’Kelo Kealoha. In To Tame a Wilde, the mother is named A’Kela Kealoha. She went from a boy to a girl name there.  I read and review a lot of books and I do pay attention to things like that.

Also, like its predecessor this story has a lot of inner dialogue that completely interferes with any semblance of dialogue between Sinclair and Nick. This is what I had to say about To Have a Wilde and it also applies to this story: I keep making this claim that I’ll continue to stick to – I don’t like to be continuously told what happened between characters, especially the main two. I want to know what’s happening now and I like to for that to happen via dialogue. Who enjoys reading paragraphs that come across as summaries? I like to be part of the action and the most effective way is through dialogue. The majority of Sonia’s Sinclair and Key’s Nick’s relationship was told in flashback via inner thoughts. And even worse, they would start a conversation and the other person would reminisce contemplate right in the middle of that conversation. Argh! Seriously?!

Overall the flow of the story felt disjointed and choppy (probably due to the plethora of flashbacks). By the time the romance between Sonia Sinclair and Key Nick started I was completely over it and I was just ready to be done. I think the story itself could have been good but it was just [another] meh for me.

Happy Reading Folks!

Rating: C-

*ARC provided by Harlequin Kimani Romance via NetGalley for review

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To Tame a Wilde
by Kimberly Kaye Terry
Release Date: July 23, 2013
Publisher: Harlequin Kimani

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