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winters heatReviewed by Carrie

Colby Winters is an ex-SEAL working for a shadowy security firm, The Titan Group, on a covert op to retrieve a hidden disk for a client.  Just as he’s about to close the deal, an unsuspecting female and a bunch of bad guys beat him to it.  Never able to fully let go of his hero complex, when Winters sees the bad guys grab the girl, he saves the lady and the disk and double times it out of there with trouble on their tails.

Mia Kensington was only trying to follow the directions left to her by one of her therapy patients to retrieve the disk if he should fall to foul play.  When Winters saves her, not once but twice, she decides to place her trust in him.  Together they try to evade the South American cartel that is now gunning not only for the disk, but Mia too.  On the road they discover that there is a spark between them that is not just adrenaline induced.  Colby likes the spitfire of a woman he’s rescued and Mia begins to let down her walls and believe in a possible future.

Truth? The writing and story are kind of a hot mess.  There’s hokey dialog, gaping plot holes, more “tell” than “show” and the pacing was hurry-up-and-wait.  I’ll be honest, not a whole lot made sense.  However, when I gave up and accepted the fact that the story was going to be preposterous, I really was actually entertained.

I liked Colby a whole lot.  He was an alpha sweetheart – cocky enough to make you grin but knew when to back off and be sweet.  Mia held her own with Colby and with the other members of the Titan Group.  Her troubled backstory felt a little out of place and didn’t really connect with the character.  Even though there was insta-love, I did like them as a couple even though I can’t put my exact finger on why.

Harber does a good job with the action scenes; they were fast paced and interesting even if predictable.  Also, I appreciated the banter between all the guys in the group.  Nothing makes me smile quicker when guys good-naturedly razz each other about their feelings.  Each of them will get their own books down the line.

It’s difficult to hit all the notes that make up a really good romantic suspense.  Harber has put out a decent first effort and I would give the second book in the series a chance to see if things even out.

Grade: C-

*ARC provided by Mill Creek Press via NetGalley

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Winters Heat
by Cristin Harber
Release Date: Septemer 21, 2013
Publisher: Mill Creek Press

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