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worlds apartReviewed by Shelly

Well, that was different. I’ve read enough from Barbara Elsborg to know that I like her stuff and very rarely am I disappointed with her work. No difference this time. What was different about this was that it starts out very much like any other contemporary romance and gradually morphs into paranormal with faeries and yes, werewolves (but I’ll get to that later – it’s good). Listen folks I very rarely read about faeries, there’s just something about them that creeps me out. But I gotta say that Elsborg made me crazy-in-like with Niall and it was hard not to like where the story went.

Ladies first. When Roo was introduced, I was sure this chick is a bit loose in the cabesa. She was so happy on the outside that it was a bit unreal, a bit like those faeries that I don’t tend to like; I was thinking as I was reading – this chick is the one that’s going to go postal one day from all this happiness. But then I got to know her and she quickly went from crazy to just Roo. I absolutely loved, loved, loved the way she chose to be happy with the circumstances that she’s been in. She’s had a lot of heartache in the past, from family and boyfriends and yet, she still chose to find happiness in the small things. Her inner dialogue was fresh and sweet and had me cracking up and a little sad on occasion. Her gradual affection and eventual love for the guys was believable and well paced – not too quick with the love.

Gentlemen’s turn. Taylor was one sorry piece of crap for taking advantage of Niall’s generosity. There were moments where I just wanted to throat punch him just to watch him suffer. But darn that Elsborg for making me like him nonetheless. His attraction to Roo was, oh my, shall we say unmistakable if you know what I mean. He’s a typical guy in that it was lust at first, but that was because of that ‘can’t love’ thing and that was okay. And the way he reacted to Niall was just plain ole chemistry. Wowzer!

Niall was my favorite. He’s quiet and low key and this works really well, especially as he wasn’t playing a game with his love and attraction for Taylor. I was a bit nervous that his attraction to Roo might be a ruse to get his big, meaty, delicious paws on Taylor, but it’s impossible to not fall in love with Roo and he wasn’t spared the feelings that Roo exudes. The idea that he wasn’t able to speak of his true feelings for Taylor was a big part of what made this story good for me because it was a slow burn and allowed personalities to shine through. Kudos.

Among the three of them, I can’t find fault with much. The side story with Niall’s family – especially that crazy mother of his and the impact that they had on Taylor and his family’ state of being, was well played. Niall’s father is impressive in his own right. The only thing I can and will complain about is that the ending about Niall’s’ mother’s comeuppance – way too easy, seemed a bit rushed. Everything else was fabulous. It’s already on my re-read stack. Oh and about that werewolf thing – there’s a hottie by the name of Jonas that I’m kinda jonesing after. He works for Taylor and just happens to be a werewolf that I wouldn’t mind getting to know a bit more about.

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Rating: B

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Worlds Apart
by Barbara Elsborg
Release Date: May 22, 2012
Publisher: Samhain

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