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Review: Ricochet

ricochetReviewed by Carrie

Right on the heels of finishing Addicted to You, the first book in the series, I plunged right in to Ricochet.  Apparently, this was supposed to be a novella, but the authors ended up with 290 pages.  They call it a companion novel and it makes no sense without reading the first book.  However, you can skip this book and jump to book 2, but I really recommend reading it because it adds so much more depth to Lily, specifically.  If that didn’t make complete sense, just keep reading.

As Lo heads off to rehab to battle his alcohol addiction, he asks that Lily promise to strive to not succumb to her sexual compulsions and bed other men.  [Read more…]

Review: Autumn in the Vineyard

autumnReviewed by Shelly

I’ve not been disappointed in any book in this series and I’m enjoying each of the DeLuca family stories. One of the many things that I like in this series is that each new book picks up relatively quickly after the previous. After reading the last one, I was really hoping that Nate and Frankie would get their story and did they ever! We finally get to see more of the dynamics of the DeLuca – Baudouin feud. In typical writing style, Adair doesn’t give it to you all at once. She makes you squirm for a little bit then she’ll start giving you a little bit at a time, no rush –no force– all good. [Read more…]

Review: Just a Step Away

just a step awayReviewed by Janell

The blurb for this book infers a pretend boyfriend story, and I love pretend boyfriends! Unfortunately I didn’t feel that the book met my expectations.

Before I go on, I have to mention the writing style. The characters are very…loose with their discussion of sex and body parts. I couldn’t relate to it at all. So this is me, leaning on my old lady cane, saying, “Back in my day, we used purple prose like ‘turgid member’ and ‘throbbing manhood,’ and we liked it!” Kids these days apparently use crass euphemisms such as: fur burger, pussy pie a la mode, flick your bean, man-package, golden peen, and salami canoe. Is this the evolution of sexual language? Do we call it blue prose? Again, that’s just me not getting it, and I wouldn’t want to hang out with people who talked like that, but I bet they wouldn’t want to hang out with me, either. [Read more…]

Review: Not Your Average Joe

not your average joeReviewed by Jaimie

One of my favorite tropes is the secret baby one so when I read the blurb for Not Your Average Joe by Nell Carson, I knew this book would be right up my alley.  Although the plot for these types of books is predictable, I still enjoy them and read pretty much every book I come across with this theme.

Jennifer Wright is a single mom who works during the day at Brickman Foods and attends law school at night.  At the end of her shift one day her boss brings over new employee Jason Baxter and asks Jennifer to train him.  The only problem is Jennifer instantly recognizes him as Jared Brickman, the son of the owner of the plant – and the father of her 6 year old son.   [Read more…]

Review: No Good Duke Goes Unpunished

no good dukeReviewed by Jen

Temple has lived the last 12 years of his life suspected of a murder he didn’t commit.  Not even he is sure of his own innocence.  He only knows that –shortly before his father’s wedding– he woke in a strange bed, covered in blood. The bed belonged to his would-be step-mother, and she was never seen or heard from again.  Since that day, he has lived in disgrace under the moniker “The Killer Duke.” He is part owner of a notorious gaming hell, and he fights night after night in the ring.  The only respect he has, he’s earned with his fists.

Mara is the woman he is accused of killing, and she most assuredly is not dead.  She wasn’t even trying to fake her death all those years ago, merely her ruin –so she could escape an arranged marriage to a man old enough to be her father.  [Read more…]

Review: Devil in My Arms

devil in my armsReviewed by Carrie

This is the third book in Samantha Kane’s Saint’s Devils series.  I enjoyed the first one for its banter between protagonists and hoped for the same in this book.  Alas, I did not get my wish.

Eleanor Enderby is on the run from her abusive husband.  After hiding out for the last three months and dropping clues to throw off her husband’s goons, she finally makes it to the house of her sister, Harriet.  Just as she’s about to knock on the door, a man brings her up short. [Read more…]

Review: Dragos Takes a Holiday

dragos takes a holidayReviewed by Jen

This novella will be a real treat for Pia and Dragos fans.  It’s a little slice of life, set just after Kinked, that gives us a look at the family dynamic since the birth of the Peanut.

Basically, the story follows Pia’s plan to take a family vacation. She entices Dragos with the idea of searching for sunken treasure –and before you know it, they are on holiday in Bermuda.  There’s a little plot about the treasure and some nefarious fortune hunters thrown in there, but at its core, this is a story about the Cuelebre family; about the relationship between Pia and Dragos; and about the emerging personality of their son. [Read more…]

Review: Asking for Trouble

asking for troubleReviewed by Carrie

I love Tessa Bailey’s dirty talking heroes.  They’re all straight laced cops but put the woman they want in front of them. They morph in to cavemen with the filthiest mouths; and I mean that in the very best of ways.  The last book in this series had an unexpected tenderness, so I was excited to see where Bailey would take the enemies to lovers trope in this book.

Though each book in the series can be read as a stand alone, readers were first introduced to Brent and Hayden in the previous book, Officer off Limits, as the best friends of the main characters, Daniel & Story.  Hayden Winstead is delighted that her BFF has found the man of her dreams.  She doesn’t even mind hanging out with Daniel’s cop buddies if only it didn’t include one idiotic immature man who has made it his life’s goal to aggravate her. [Read more…]

Review: Crash Into You

crash into youReviewed by Janell

Oh, angsty teens with troubled lives, I can’t quit you ever. Katie McGarry is some sort of dysfunctional genius the way she messes with her characters’s lives so much that I believe nothing could be worse than what they’ve got. It’s brilliant.

Take Isaiah. His mother went to prison when he was six and he grew up in group homes and foster homes. He had one good experience in all those years, but mostly learned that he didn’t want anyone to think he was small and weak. He lives in a scary apartment with his best friend Noah, and works in a garage. Isaiah loves cars, loves fast cars even more, and loves to race them. He has tattoos, earrings, and a shaved head. How much more bad boy could he possibly be?! [Read more…]

Review: Friends Without Benefits

friends without benefitsReviewed Carrie

Elizabeth Finney thinks she’s come a long way since high school in small town Iowa  Not only has she physically changed from “Skinny Finney” by adding curves and growing out her hair, she’s a successful doctor at a prestigious hospital in Chicago.  She’s calm and collected, despite the occasional impulsive urges to play pranks at the hospital.  Elizabeth is ok with life.  She has her knitting circle friends and an occasional bed partner and that’s how she likes it.

Then one day, as Elizabeth is on her research rotation, Nico Manganniello, aka Nico Moretti, aka former underwear model turned tv star, aka Elizabeth’s childhood nemesis, unwittingly walks through the hospital doors so that his niece can be entered in a study for cystic fibrosis.  [Read more…]