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friends without benefitsReviewed Carrie

Elizabeth Finney thinks she’s come a long way since high school in small town Iowa  Not only has she physically changed from “Skinny Finney” by adding curves and growing out her hair, she’s a successful doctor at a prestigious hospital in Chicago.  She’s calm and collected, despite the occasional impulsive urges to play pranks at the hospital.  Elizabeth is ok with life.  She has her knitting circle friends and an occasional bed partner and that’s how she likes it.

Then one day, as Elizabeth is on her research rotation, Nico Manganniello, aka Nico Moretti, aka former underwear model turned tv star, aka Elizabeth’s childhood nemesis, unwittingly walks through the hospital doors so that his niece can be entered in a study for cystic fibrosis.  Nico and Elizabeth haven’t laid eyes on each other for 11 years, after the both suffered a painful loss.  All Elizabeth remembers is an idiot boy who tortured her most of her childhood.  Nico remembers things a little differently and is determined to show Elizabeth a different side of him while she treats his niece.

Elizabeth is another one of Reid’s adorkable heroines – funny, sarcastic, intelligent and a little nerdy.  I think it’s the everyday girl that Reid writes that really make me love this series.  I will admit that she almost started to grate on my nerves, but finally came around just in time.  Even as frustratingly stubborn as Elizabeth got, you still wanted to root for her

Nico is so lovable.   He’s like a big dumb dog that chewed your favorite slipper only because it smelled like you.  I loved how he was with his big family.  It was a refreshing change of pace to have the hero call out his feelings from the very beginning and have to watch as the heroine struggled with hers.

I thought this was another fun and sweet romance.  I think it suffered from dragging a bit just past the halfway mark and the one love scene chapter where the author offers it twice (either open or closed door).  A good portion of the book felt over thought.  I love love Reid’s quirky characters and wish she would just relax a little in writing.  Also, I still feel like the hero’s character development is still lacking.  I want more info about the hunky guys that love these cool chicks!

While I may not have loved this book as much as Neanderthal Seeks Human, I think this is a solid edition to the series.  I eagerly await what becomes of our next heroine, Sandra.

Grade: B-

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Friends Without Benefits
by Penny Reid
Release Date: September 29, 2013
Publisher: Caped Publishing

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