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Review: Long Time Gone

long time goneReviewed by Jen

I think if I would have had to wait any length of time between the end of Catch a Ghost and the beginning of this book, I would have been a very frustrated reader.  It was such a gnarly ending, with our heroes deciding to each go their own way. But as this installment begins, Tom is already regretting the decision.  He is desperate to find Prophet… to let him know that he still cares, that he made a mistake. But Prophet is nowhere to be found. What only the reader knows, is that he has thrown himself into his work, taking dangerous missions, and is nearing the point of no return.

Until he finally decides to read Tom’s emails.  Dozens and dozens of them, that talk about his life, his regrets, and his concern over his aunt who is refusing to evacuate her New Orleans home during an impending hurricane.  [Read more…]

Review: Catch a Ghost

catch a ghostReviewed by Jen

I am a huge fan of Abi Roux’s Cut & Run series and it’s impossible to read this book and not make a comparison.  It’s not that Tom and Prophet are exactly like Ty and Zane, but they are more similar than you can ignore.  Instead of a pair of unlikely FBI partners, our heroes are unlikely mercenary partners.  Like Ty, Prophet is the younger, sexy, nearly unhinged former soldier who is equal parts charming and infuriating.  Like Zane, Tom is the straight man who seems to have himself together, until we learn there’s disquiet beneath his still waters. [Read more…]

Review: Thunderstruck

thunderstruckReviewed by Shelly

This publisher use to be my go to place, back in the day. Now, not so much. Kendall Grace is a new to me author and I really like the writing style. It was smooth and had some great dialogue. So why I didn’t feel connected to the characters, I’m not sure. Socialite Josephine Montgomery is moving from Arizona to a small town in Georgia to get away from her family, her ex-husband and all the pressure that being a Senator’s wife holds. She was able to find a house via an online transaction, bought it and was shocked to find out that it really wasn’t what she was expecting (yeah, SHOCKED). As soon as she’s able to, she goes over to the neighbor’s house to introduce herself and see if they can help her with getting her house in order. Her neighbor, Hawk Stephens, knows that Jo is the one. All the signs are pointing to her, and by hook or by crook he’s gonna get her. [Read more…]

Review: Close to You

close to youReviewed by Jen

As if I weren’t already counting down the days… this Downside short only reminds me how much I desperately want to read a new novel in this series.  This isn’t so much a novella as a little slice of life for Chess and Terrible.  Just enough to whet my appetite… just enough to make me want to go re-read the series again to watch them fall in love all over again.

Here, Chess and Terrible are happy. They’re just taking a little day trip to a junkyard for some car parts, when they get sucked into an old lady’s plan to resurrect her late husband.  [Read more…]

Review: Saving Grace

saving graceReviewed by Shelly

This is my first Norah Wilson and what a read it was. Fast, fun and smooth. This story, the second in her Serve and Protect series is about Grace and Ray Morgan. Grace and Ray are happily and into their 5th year of marriage but things are starting to crumble like a house of cards. Ray is hurt and mad that Grace has left him for another man. But when Grace gets into an accident on the way to her secret lover and Ray gets the call to come get his wife; she can’t remember that she not only left him but why – well what’s a guy to do? [Read more…]

Review: Unexpectedly Yours

unexpectedly yoursReviewed by Janell

This is a contemporary with a billionaire hero and a virgin heroine, but, wait, come back! Despite the stereotypes and predictable behavior, I actually found myself enjoying this book. Sometimes the heart wants what the heart wants, right?

The first book in this series was about Meg and Jason, and this book, the second, is about Meg’s younger sister Caroline and Jason’s older brother Josh. As one character says, it’s kind of incestuous. Meg and Caroline grew up on the estate of Jason and Josh’s parents, so there was probably some classism in the first book. It turns out that those parents are rude, wicked, evil, all the horrible manipulative things that people can be without physical abuse. [Read more…]

Review: Addicted to You

addicted to youReviewed by Carrie

I’m going to be straight up – this is a heavy, raw and substantial portrayal of addiction and co-dependence.  If you don’t like dark stories, can’t handle the ugliness, or are one of those people who just don’t “get” addicts, this book is not for you.  I will also advise that due to the frank and explicit nature of the subject, there might be triggers for others.  For those with an open mind and a willingness to delve in to the hearts and minds of two broken people, you’ll receive a moving tale.

Lily Calloway is addicted to sex.  From the time she wakes up in the morning to the time she finally sleeps, her thoughts and actions revolve around orgasms.  [Read more…]

Review: Soul Resurrected

soul resurrectedReviewed by Jen

I’m always a sucker for the tortured brother… and Logan sure fits the bill! He was betrayed and abused by his mother, then spent decades tortured in hell after he finally got free of her.  He doesn’t believe that love exists.  Other than the devotion he has for his brothers, all he feels is a concoction of numbness and anger.  As the book begins, this is even more true than usual. He has just been brought back from death. He can’t even move –and he is seething.  He got into this situation saving the Alexi Calla from a rape.  If it wasn’t for her, he wouldn’t be weakened.  He feels no sympathy for what she’s endured or any gratitude for the blood she gave to save his life. [Read more…]

Review: Soul Avenged

soul avengedReviewed by Jen

They say you can’t judge a book by its cover and that is true, but I’ll be honest and tell you that the cover drew me to this book when I first saw it. It reminded me of Underworld and when I read the blurb, I could see the heroine, Ayden, in something like that Kate Beckinsdale role.  So I gave it a go.

It didn’t feel like Underworld exactly, but that is a good thing. It’s its own story, but there were some common threads –enough that I got what I was looking for. [Read more…]

Review: Sirens in Bliss

sirens in blissReviewed by Shelly

After reading Back in Bliss, which I didn’t think was all that great I was a little skeptical about this one but I shouldn’t have been because this one is a definite winner. Sirens in Bliss gives us the EA in HEA for some of Oak’s Nights in Bliss and Texas Siren characters. I like Oak’s writing. I like it a lot. She makes me laugh (out loud sometimes), yell, cry and believe in her characters. I can’t really ask for more than that. [Read more…]