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colters giftReviewed by Jaimie

Colters’ Gift is the final book in the Colters’ Legacy series by Maya Banks.  I cannot choose a favorite Maya Banks series, but my first experience with her work was Colters’ Woman, the book that started this series and it had me instantly hooked on her writing.  I’m sad to see it end but there really wasn’t anywhere else to go with it so it makes complete sense that it ends now.

Max’s sister Lauren made her first appearance in Colters’ Daughter, when Max and Callie rescued her from an abusive relationship and I was really hoping that even though she wasn’t a Colter, we would still get her story.  She now lives in Clyde trying to piece her life back together, while avoiding her past.  Liam and Noah were hired by Max to protect Lauren when she first left her ex and they have been on a mission to find the man who hurt her and bring him to justice.  They continue to hit brick walls until they manage to find one person who can give them the information they are looking for and what they find out surprises them.  It turns out Lauren wasn’t completely honest with them about the identity of her ex and they head to Clyde to not only find out why she lied, but to claim her as well.

I loved Liam and Noah.  The two have been close since childhood and Liam’s parents actually took Noah in when his parents abandoned him.  They both have feelings for Lauren and Liam suggests to Noah that they enter a relationship with her like the Colters’ have.  At first Noah is resistant to this idea because he doesn’t want anything to come between their friendship, but after he sees her again, he knows he can’t walk away.   The way the two went about helping Lauren feel safe was extremely sweet and it was obvious they were going to fit in with the Colters’ without a problem.

When they discover that the woman they talked to who gave Noah and Liam the information on who they were dealing with was murdered, Lauren knows she can’t keep her secret any longer.  It turns out that when she left she took some incriminating evidence along with her as insurance.  The men realize that the threat to her safety is even bigger than they thought and they hatch a plan to ensure her safety.  On the way to stay at the Colters’ ranch, their car is driven off the road and the story takes a bit of a dark turn.

Callie is my favorite Colter woman but Lauren grew on me over the course of the book.  She finds her strength only to endure another horrible experience, but overcomes it with the love of her men.  None of the Colter women have had an easy go of it so they were all very supportive of her.  Since it was the final book it made total sense that the entire Colter family was really involved in the story.  We got to see the birth of Lily’s baby and it was an adorable scene.  I loved seeing Holly, Ethan, Adam and Ryan again and choosing to end the book with the ones that started it all was an excellent decision by Maya.

While I’m sad to see the series end, Maya ended it on a perfectly sweet note.  All loose ends were tied up and it seemed like they are all headed for “happily ever after”.  Now if only we could persuade Maya to write about the third generation of Colters…

Rating: A

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Colter’s Gift
by Maya Banks
Release Date: November 5, 2013
Publisher: Berkley

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