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demon forgedReviewed by Jen

Wow. This book sure changes things, doesn’t it?

I thought this is one of the strongest (if not the best) installment in the Guardian series to date.  Not only is the romance good, but there are major developments in the series arc.  Plus, we get a really big dose of Michael here.  We get to find out who will be his HEA.  And our team takes on a more difficult fight than ever, with at least one surprising casualty.  Not a drop of boring to be found.

We got a pretty good setup on the romance in the last book.  Irena is the tough-as-nail Guardian who can manipulate metal. (She’s tight with Alice.) And Alejandro is the master swordsman who can wield fire.  There is obviously a history between them, and rather quickly in the book, we learn what that is.  Irena was once tapped to train Alejandro and attraction bloomed fast and hard between them.  But before they ever really had a chance to be together, a demon nearly killed Alejandro.  Irena made it in time and struck a bargain, giving herself to the demon in exchange for her love’s life.

Since the misery that followed her sacrifice, hundreds of years have passed.  Alejandro has never forgiven himself for what he imagines Irena endured. And she has never gotten over the shame of it.  They still yearn for each other, put they have never spoken of what happened and never truly healed.  But now they are in each other’s orbit again and it’s all brewing right below the surface.  So they have to face their past and find a way to move forward… to finally have what they have always wanted.  (It’s a pretty tall order.)

In the meantime, Michael’s sister Anaria is trying to bust into the Chaos realm and snag herself a dragon. It’s all part of her bigger picture plan to usurp Hell from Lucifer and release all the human souls from Hell.  So the Guardians are working against that threat, and trying to figure out who killed the wife of Rael, the demon posing as human congressman Thomas Stafford.

The book is action packed.  It’s unpredictable.  There is death and heartbreak, but there are also second chances and love.  I adored Irena.  She is so strong, both on the inside and out. And she has endured so much.  I loved watching her finally succumb to her weakness for her Olek (Alejandro.) He is everything she needs.  Their reunion is so satisfying, it was almost enough to cancel out the fact he didn’t fight for her all those years and had relationships in the interim. (Almost.)

Anyway, I thought this was really good.  It got my blood pumping; it kept me turning the pages; and it even made me misty once or twice.  Well done.

Rating: B+/A-

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Demon Forged
by Meljean Brook
Release Date: October 6, 2009
Publisher: Berkley

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