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eternal sinReviewed by Jen

I would have never thought I could find anything sexy about love scenes involving a pregnant woman in her third trimester. I remember what it felt like to have a big belly. I did it twice.  And while I loved many parts about pregnancy, in my seventh month, I most assuredly did not feel sexy… or randy.  Yet, Laura Wright makes me believe it could happen.  No bones about it: our heroine has a big ole belly, but the sexual tension and the love scenes were still smokin’ hot.   I take my hat off to you, Ms. Wright.

Anyway, our hero, Synjon Wise, is on a mission of vengeance.  You may remember, the series villain Cruen tortured and killed his mate Juliet. Now the only thing Syn can think of, is making him pay.  He seemed like he was finally getting his wish at the end of Eternal Demon.  But the Roman brothers stopped his little torture session. Instead, they allowed Cruen to drain Syn’s emotions and let them both go.  I am going to stop a moment here and ask –what the hell?  I had to stop reading once I realized the premise –and go skim back through the last book. Did I miss something?  Nope. That wasn’t there. I guess this all happened off page, and I have to ask again, what the hell??  The Romans know better than anyone what kind of monster Cruen is… but they let him go?  They stripped Syn of all emotion??  I don’t get it.  Why not imprison Cruen? Do something –anything– else? It felt contrived and this bothered me.  But to enjoy the story, I had to let this go and move on.

So, without emotions, Syn is a complete asshat. He doesn’t care about the fact Petra is carrying his child.  But she needs his blood to survive.  (Apparently this becomes more imperative as the pregnancy progresses? — I am going to go with that, because she has made it this long.)  He won’t come to help her when her the Romans ask nicely, so her friends decide to kidnap him and force him to feed her.  The more time he spends with her, though, the more he starts to feel something for her and their child.

Meanwhile, Cruen is feeling some pretty negative effects from drinking Syn’s emotions. He is getting weaker and wants to give Syn back what he took.  He spends the entire book trying to do this, while Syn is still quietly crafting his revenge.  And banging Petra. And saying, “Crikey.” (I thought that was an Aussie thing?)  Poor Petra, meanwhile, is falling hopelessly in love with her baby-daddy, oblivious to the fact he is still plotting to kill her father… even after he tells her he is not.

Despite some plot holes in there for me, I actually enjoyed the book. The romance tugged on my heartstrings, because I really believed in Synjon’s conflict.  And I empathized with Petra attempts to fortify her heart against him.  Like I said, the sex is really good –and the emotion held up equally well.  I’m also interested in Phane’s and Dani’s story… especially with that twist in the Epilogue.

Rating: B

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Eternal Sin
by Laura Wright
Release Date: November 5, 2013
Publisher: Signet Eclipse


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