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midnight gamesReviewed by Jaimie

Midnight Games is the third book in the Killer Instincts series by Elle Kennedy.  Not that this is remotely relevant to the review, but I was kind of excited when I read up about Ms. Kennedy and found out she lives in the same city as me, but I digress.  Five minutes into reading the story I could tell that I was going to be hooked if only to read Noelle’s eventual story, but I was drawn in by all of the characters, not just the two the story was focused on so I’m definitely looking forward to more.  I’m going out to buy the first two so I can be up to speed, but this book was a great introduction to a series that I will now follow for sure!

Isabel Roma spends most of her time undercover as other women, allowing her to ignore the hurt from her past and avoid personal relationships.  She is generally able to keep her emotions in check around everyone but for some reason her control completely eludes her when she’s near Trevor Callaghan.  A mercenary on a team that Isabel has worked with in the past, Trevor is the one person that threatens her perfectly sterile, emotionless life.  After running out on him one night when things got too serious, Isabel takes off for five months going deep undercover.  When she completes her mission she knows she can’t avoid him forever and she heads to the ranch that he’s staying at to tell him in person that things are never going to work out between them.

Trevor thought his life was over when his fiance was killed in home invasion while he was on a mission.  He never anticipated falling in love again and certainly not with someone who is a complete opposite of his fiance.  Trevor sees through Isabel’s disguises down to the real woman and that makes her scared and wanting to run.  She has her own set of emotional scars, being the daughter and sister of notorious mob bosses and he doesn’t buy her “I don’t need anyone” garbage.  Before they have a chance to hash things out, the compound is attacked by a skilled team, sending them all into hiding to hatch a plan.  Both Isabel’s and Trevor’s teams are forced to work together to figure out who was behind the attack and eliminate the threat.

The story is fast paced and keeps you guessing which I like in any of my stories.  There was plenty of smoking hot chemistry between the lead characters and the sex scenes between them were hot but sweet at the same time.  Now the sex scenes between Noelle and Derek “D”, on the other hand were just plain hot.  I can’t decide who I want her story to be with – Derek or Jim, but again that’s not relevant to this review so I will move on.

I can’t really say I had any complaints about this book.  It was well written, had an interesting story, the primary characters were both lovable in their own way, the secondary characters were funny and made me want to read their stories.  All in all it was a great book and I’m looking forward to reading the rest!

Rating: B+

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Midnight Games
by Elle Kennedy
Release Date: August 6, 2013
Publisher: Signet

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