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soul resurrectedReviewed by Jen

I’m always a sucker for the tortured brother… and Logan sure fits the bill! He was betrayed and abused by his mother, then spent decades tortured in hell after he finally got free of her.  He doesn’t believe that love exists.  Other than the devotion he has for his brothers, all he feels is a concoction of numbness and anger.  As the book begins, this is even more true than usual. He has just been brought back from death. He can’t even move –and he is seething.  He got into this situation saving the Alexi Calla from a rape.  If it wasn’t for her, he wouldn’t be weakened.  He feels no sympathy for what she’s endured or any gratitude for the blood she gave to save his life.

Calla is a strange blend of innocence and strength. She was an Alexi soldier. She is trained to kill and knows how to fight. But she is emotionally fragile, especially after the death of her brother.  And she is a virgin.  I can’t stress that enough. (Or at least, the book can’t stress that enough.) It’s really important.

Anyway, Calla has been tapped to help Logan through his post-resurrection recovery.  This isn’t an easy task, since he is an asshat of epic proportions and he seems to dislike her more than most.  But underneath the animosity, there is a deep seated attraction, brought on by her blood coursing through his veins.  Not only does that make Logan lust after Calla, it also makes him protective of her.  And the longer they are under the same roof, the more those feelings come to the surface.

Poor Logan is such a hot mess.  Yes, he is a jerk, but he has been through so much. Some of the flashbacks made me cringe. And Calla is such a balm for his soul.  The thing is, she has her own demons lurking. Despite her technical virginity, she has been abused as well, so when she and Logan finally come together, they both have mountains to climb.  It’s sad and sweet and sexy all at the same time.

I find that I really like this series.  It’s got that familiar Black Dagger Brotherhood vibe, with its group of screwed up, pumped up, sexy brothers fighting the things that go bump in the night.  It’s PNR, but right there on the cusp of UF, with its great world building,  a wide range of characters, and a continuing story arc that follows from book to book.  I am already so invested in Gavin, Calix and Zeke, and intrigued by the other brothers, as well.

This installment did a good job expanding the scope of the enemy.  And it opened up even more of the world, by taking us into the demon realm and introducing us to the leadership there.  But the big draw was the romance.  I liked Calla ok, but Logan… (*swoon*)…  I hurt for him and wanted so much to see him find his happiness.  It’s not an easy road, but I was very satisfied with the journey.

Rating: B

*ARC provided by author for review

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Soul Resurrected
by Keri Lake
Release Date: October 31, 2013



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