Review: The Chocolate Thief

chocolate thiefReviewed by Carrie

As an heiress to the Corey chocolate empire, Cady Corey has felt handcuffed to the company legacy since birth.  Trying to break off a little slice of her own, she heads to Paris in an attempt to finally live in the city of her dreams and get Sylvain Marquis, world renowned artisan chocolatier, to partner with the company for an upscale line.

What she doesn’t count on is Sylvain completely dismissing Corey chocolate as inferior.  No amount of cajoling or money seems to move him to consider the offer.  Cady gets frustrated that all her dreams about this new life she’s imagined are all going up in smoke due to one very sexy snobby delicious chocolatier.  Now obsessed, Cady resorts to subterfuge to get to the secret of Sylvain’s magical chocolate.  Her midnight rendezvous in his kitchen evolve into something more as Cady and Sylvain try to unlock each other’s secrets through chocolate.

Friends…you know that book you heard recommended somewhere online or from a friend and then you see it pop up on sale for $0.99 so you pick up thinking you’ll get to it eventually.  Well, I picked up this book over a year ago and totally forgot about it until I organized my kindle while looking for a new book to read and I am kicking myself that it too me this long to get to it.  It made me all swoony!

On paper, the book is a straightforward contemporary romance.  However, Florand plays with words and descriptions like the decadent Sylvain with his chocolat.  All of them combined together make for a sensuous experience for the reader.  There was a definitely a balancing act to maintain and I felt, for the most part, the author did a remarkable job.  I will note that, at times, the descriptions of the process of making chocolate got a little overly descriptive and lost me a little.

What I loved most was the push/pull of Cady and Sylvain’s romance.  Even though they were naturally very suspicious of each other, there was this immediate underlying trust – they both wanted to give their hearts away to someone who understood their passion.  Their personal insecurities were very realistic of two people who have been “used” before.  With all the alpha males predominant in romance, it was refreshing to see a hero that was a little unsure about his actions towards his heroine.

That’s not to say Sylvain is some wimp.  He is very sexy and very confident in his bedroom skills.  The book simmers with the sexual tension between Sylvain and Cady.  I would say that the love scenes focus more on the buildup and the actual event fades to black.  My only slight complaint is that, borrowing a culinary phrase, while most of the book was on a fast simmer, I kind of wished the pot would boil over.

The book is the first in Floran’s “Chocolate Collection”, which are very loosely related but stand alones.  If you want to truly escape in to a lush romance that has you swooning and dreaming of your own Parisian chocolatier, I happily recommend this book.

Grade: B+

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The Chocolate Thief
by Laura Florand
Release Date: July 31, 2012
Publisher: Kensington


  1. I’ve seen this one around and thought about reading it. I’m looking for something different to get me out of my UF funk.

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