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unexpectedly yoursReviewed by Janell

This is a contemporary with a billionaire hero and a virgin heroine, but, wait, come back! Despite the stereotypes and predictable behavior, I actually found myself enjoying this book. Sometimes the heart wants what the heart wants, right?

The first book in this series was about Meg and Jason, and this book, the second, is about Meg’s younger sister Caroline and Jason’s older brother Josh. As one character says, it’s kind of incestuous. Meg and Caroline grew up on the estate of Jason and Josh’s parents, so there was probably some classism in the first book. It turns out that those parents are rude, wicked, evil, all the horrible manipulative things that people can be without physical abuse.

The story begins when Josh rescues Caroline from a creepy guy at a bar, and my first thought was, oh no. Not another rich alphahole rescuing a perfectly capable woman. But Josh wasn’t too domineering, and he didn’t flash his money around. He and Caroline just get some pizza, hang out at his place, get drunk, and have sex.

Why is Caroline a 26-year-old virgin? Because college was so hard, you guys! She is known as the smart sister, while Meg was known as the pretty one. Caroline has issues with being treated as the baby, and other people always telling her what to do, even though she’s got an engineering degree and a good job.

Josh is freaked out about being her first time, because it seems to imply a relationship. He doesn’t do that. Josh goes out with glamorous socialites to high-profile events, sophisticated women who talk about fashion and are fine with casual sex. In comparison, Caroline is inexperienced yet brave, and so responsive! He feels protective towards her, but his libido is right up there, too.

They hang out first as friends, because for family reasons they don’t think a relationship is a good idea. But Caroline gets bold and makes her move, which of course Josh can’t resist.

Even though Josh thinks he can get Caroline out of his system, he can’t. Even though he thinks he’s no good for her, he keeps seeing her. He has standard hero thoughts but doesn’t make stupid decisions like lying to her or dumping her for her own good. Yay, Josh!

Caroline, through Josh’s influence, learns to stand up for herself at work and with her nosy, controlling sister and mother. She even comes clean about her secret desire to be a romance author. She’s not a baby anymore!

This book won’t shock you or surprise you, but it will make you smile. And sometimes that’s all you need.

Rating: B-

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Unexpectedly Yours
by Jeannie Moon
Release Date: November 19, 2013
Publisher: Intermix

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