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rhythm of threeReviewed by Shelly

This is the novella follow up to Jamieson’s Rule of Three which I completely enjoyed. We’re reintroduced to Kassidy, Dag and Chris who are now living as a triad with all the ups and downs of what the after part of HEA looks like. Now this might sound selfish, petty, whiny (pick one, any one) but I wanted more. Now, I don’t like to be spoon fed, but it’s rare that I get multiple books in a series about the same characters and I was eagerly looking forward to this.

This one picks up pretty much after the first book left off. Dag is still living in the condo with Chris and Kass. Space is a little cramped and Kass has to put up with toilet seats, dirty clothes thrown about, and there are family relationships to manage and friends to be told about their new dynamics. Kass is still the bridge for this triad and I’m not sure that I liked what I consider an abrupt change in her self confident attitude. I felt and read a lot more angst from her in the first story and I was really looking forward to seeing her work on her place in the relationship and coming into her own.

The guys seem to be okay, especially Dag. He was the only one who didn’t have any family or friends to lose while Chris has his straight laced job and very close minded parents. I’m not going to fault them because Chris was just as culpable in that disaster of a relationship with his parents. The tug of war that Kass went through about who to tell, when to tell, came across as feasible. I mean, how do you break the news that you’re in a triad/polyamorous relationship and your boyfriend is also shagging the other guy?

Overall, this was good story and you should give it a try if only for the sex alone. Oh my! I don’t know if there are plans for future stories about this triad but I can say that I’ll definitely read them if Jamieson is willing to write them.

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Rating: B

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Rhythm of Three
by Kelly Jamieson
Release Date: October 29, 2013
Publisher: Samhain

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