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ricochetReviewed by Carrie

Right on the heels of finishing Addicted to You, the first book in the series, I plunged right in to Ricochet.  Apparently, this was supposed to be a novella, but the authors ended up with 290 pages.  They call it a companion novel and it makes no sense without reading the first book.  However, you can skip this book and jump to book 2, but I really recommend reading it because it adds so much more depth to Lily, specifically.  If that didn’t make complete sense, just keep reading.

As Lo heads off to rehab to battle his alcohol addiction, he asks that Lily promise to strive to not succumb to her sexual compulsions and bed other men.  Lily has no idea how in the world she is going to be able to battle her own addiction and remain faithful for 90 days; however, she loves Lo enough to really try.  This story is all about Lily hitting her rock bottom.

Once again, the authors plunge in to the dark depths of the addictive mind.  Readers watch as Lily is virtually held hostage by her compulsions.  The scene in the bathroom where she finally breaks down is absolutely gut-wrenching.  As harrowing as the dark is, there are flashes of light.  Even as she is held paralyzed by the fear of her family finding out, she knows that she needs help to find her way.   With Lo being pretty much out of the picture, Lily acknowledges that she can’t do things alone and begins to let other people help her.

This novel also sets up the secondary characters for their own books.  Rose, her sister, has taken on the burden of Lily’s illness.  Determined to get Lily the help she needs, Rose reads everything she can get her hands on about the subject and even interviews several therapists.  Even though Rose can’t understand Lily, she never makes her feel bad or demeans her.  I liked her scenes with Conor – their book with be the meeting of two alphas.  Readers also get a glimpse of Lily’s little sister, Daisy, who is a sweet teenager but already the seeds of her own addiction seem to be starting to sprout.  Finally, Ryke really became the man of the hour, despite his reluctance to help Lily or her relationship with Lo.

Once again, the Ritchie sisters have been merciless in the detail of addiction.  Readers will really get a chance to wrap their head around how Lo & Lily started and where they ended up.  If you enjoyed Addicted to You, this is a must read.

Rating: A

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by Krista and Becca Ritchie
Release Date: November 21, 2013

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