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slow ride homeReviewed by Carrie

This is the first in a new series featuring the Grady family set on a Texas ranch.   Leah Braemel includes a colorful cast of characters that I could easily read another book about – sexy cowboys, shifty farmhands and everyone else trying to capitalize on long held secrets.

Ben Grady and Allie O’Keefe were high school sweethearts when a scandal at Ben’s family ranch forced Allie and her Dad to move off the property and the teenage lovers to abandon their relationship.  Fifteen years later, Allie worked hard to put the scandal of her youth behind her.  Now a lawyer and a title insurance investigator, she’s called out to Ben’s ranch to resolve a claim made by an apparent love child of Ben’s grandfather.     Steeling herself against the sweet memories she had of Ben and the contempt for what his grandfather did to her, Allie commits to get to the bottom of the mystery relative.

For Ben, Allie has always been the love of his life.  He never understood why, after she left the ranch, Allie never returned any of his phone calls or letters.  Ben remembers the wild and free young girl that Allie was and is mystified by the controlled lawyer she’s become.  As they work together to save the ranch, old sparks reignite while the secrets of the past explode on to the future.

Ben is your typical cowboy with his swagger and my way or the highway attitude.  Even though he’s supposed to be partners with his brother, Jake, he basically appoints himself as head of the ranch.   Despite that, he is the one most affected emotionally when all the secrets come to pass.  It’s here that you see the vulnerability of a man that founded his whole life on certain knowledge and when it breaks, so does he.

For all Allie is no-nonsense, she hops back into bed with Ben pretty quickly.  I can’t really blame her.  Their sex scenes are SMOKIN’ hot.  There’s a little rope play, a lot of outdoor sex and a LOT of bossy Ben.  Even though sex came quick, Allie was still very protective of giving back her heart.  The sting of the past was an ever present ghost lingering in the background.

The general plot was engaging, if a little uneven.  There was a lot of detail spent on title insurance that could’ve probably been left out, but that’s a minor complaint.  I liked getting the feel for the day to day stuff that happens on a ranch; it was a nice peek into that world.

As stated previously, Braemel’s built an interesting world.  Jake, in particular, is hiding some information of his own.  I can’t wait to read his book!  From the ranch hands to Jake & Ben’s mother, I think everyone is holding on to something that will be revealed in a big way in the coming books.

I recommend this book for those looking for a contemporary cowboy romance with hot love scenes and intriguing plots.

Rating:  C+

*ARC provided by author

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Slow Ride Home
by Leah Braemel
Release Date: November 11, 2013
Publisher: Carina Press

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