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someone else skyeReviewed by Shelly

To say that I merely looked forward to this continuation of Wenrick’s Charmed Trilogy would be a gross understatement. I can’t lie, I’m a Wenrick fan and couldn’t get enough of Caleb and Olivia. That being said – I was really hesitant about starting this story. I mean what are the chances that I’m going to be equally as in-like with her characters and the plot lines? Well, it turns out that procrastination delayed my enjoyment of a wonderful story. Don’t get me wrong, it would be difficult for Wenrick to write a better story for me that any of the Trilogy, but dog-gone-it if she wasn’t close.

This will be a good time to let you know that if you didn’t read any of the prior stories, I telling you now that you should – as soon as you’re finish reading this, go get them. They’re not only good but they give a lot of the back story.

Kane is one of the Brethren Guardian, a carefully selected group of humans and supernaturals who protect the humans against those who would do them harm. Still recovering from a detrimental fight at Brahm Hill, a new threat makes itself known. Doing his best to find out what’s going on, Alex decides that Kane’s skills as a shape shifter and Aiden’s ability to keep Kane on track are the best combination – so off they go.

Reaching the tundra that is the Northwest Territories, Kane is determined to get in and get out, but once he lays eyes on Skye, things start getting interesting. For those of you who read any of the Trilogy series, you’ll remember Kane as the biggest horndog ever – well, we finally get to see him in action. Yes, it’s as funny and sexy as you might imagine. Skye has her own assignment and she can’t afford to get distracted by the wanna-be-styling-lyrics of Kane. She’s not going to fall at his feet like she knows that he’s accustomed to. It’s so much fun as a reader to see the good ones fall.

I’m strongly in like with Kane. He’s still got the charm, good looks and slightly devil may care attitude that I fell for in the prior books. His chemistry with not just Skye but the other members of the brethren were credible. One of my biggest enjoyment with Wenrick’s writing is her ability to build this preternatural world within our present day and actually make these otherworldly beings and their lifestyle believable.

One of the big differences in this story is that it’s Kane’s and Kane likes to curse as a hobby so we do get inside of his head and he holds no punches and for that I was glad. His relationship with Skye was good. In that I mean, he had to work hard for her. Not to say she was purposefully evasive – she just couldn’t do what Kane wanted her to do. The turmoil was plentiful because there were some underlying feelings and emotions that these two just couldn’t deny. Oh, sweet sweet joy.

The other characters were well written. It was fun to catch up with Alex and the guys from the brethren again. There even some surprising guest mentions (not gonna tell ya who). I’m really looking forward to both Alex (Book 2) and Aiden’s story.

Happy Reading Folks!

Rating: B-

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Someone Else’s Skye
by Christine Wenrick
Release Date: September 29, 2013
Publisher: Red Tree House Publishing

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