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addicted for nowReviewed by Carrie

This is a spoiler-free review. Stop right here if you haven’t read the previous 2 books in the series because you will be lost.  For everyone else, Addicted for Now picks up immediately after Ricochet. A quick recap – Loren has been in rehab for his alcoholism for the last 3 months while Lily has been at home, albeit in therapy, struggling with her addiction to sex.  Understandably, it has been a rough and bumpy road but the couple remains committed to their health and their relationship.  However, Lily and Lo learn that rehab isn’t necessarily the hard part of recovery – it’s learning how to live in a new way.

Loren has just left rehab and is now living with Lily in Rose’s, Lily’s sister, house per Lily’s therapist’s recommendation.  The therapist believes that their relationship is the key to getting Lily better.  Lo is tasked with the hard job of not giving into Lily’s sexual compulsions.  There is still a hell of a lot of co-dependence going on here and I’m not sure if this would be accurate advice in a real live setting, but it works here for the story.

While Lo seems to be having an easier time of staying sober, it’s Lily who has the more difficult and complicated trial.  Once again, the authors portray a more accurate picture of addiction.  There is no smooth path and it takes constant vigilance to be committed to sobriety, especially in the face of some serious conflicts that get thrown their way.  What is endearing and at the same time heartbreaking, is Lily’s desperate desire to be well.  Readers can plainly see the demons battling it out in her head as she wrestles with her behavior.  Despite some setbacks, by the end of the book, both Lily and Loren seem to come out on the other side of their hell.

Lily’s sisters, Rose and Daisy, Lo’s brother, Ryke, and Rose’s boyfriend, Connor, are featured as the support system for the couple.  Despite family issues, it was refreshing to see everyone come together to provide the best environment for a successful recovery.  We learn a little bit more of each of them as it sets up the next two books in the series.  The spin-off standalones are Rose & Connor’s story and Daisy & Ryke’s (I want this one!), and then two more books close out the series.  Per the authors, Addicted for Now closes out the first large arc of the story, so readers that were waiting for the full series to be out can read through this book and feel comfortable with a story completion.

I can’t recommend this series enough for its fluid writing and thought provoking look at addiction with sympathetic characters that you can root for.

Grade: A-

*ARC provided by authors

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Addicted for Now
by Krista Ritchie & Becca Ritchie
November 30, 2013

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