Review: Hard As It Gets

hard as it getsReviewed by Carrie

I had previously enjoyed a couple of shorter novels by Laura Kaye, so when I saw she was coming out with a romantic suspense series, I jumped all over it.  What I got was a little of a mixed bag.

Becca Merrit is in trouble.  Her brother, Charlie, has disappeared but not before leaving a cryptic note to find a man named Rixey who was on her father’s Special Forces team.  After getting no response from the police, Becca sets out to try to get this man to help her find her brother.

Nick Rixey can’t believe that the daughter of the man who ruined his life ends up knocking on his door asking for help.  Although he initially ignores her request, Rixey’s hero complex gets the better of him and he ends up staking out her house to make sure that she’s safe.  Good thing that Rixey’s there when he spots intruders in Becca’s house and is able to save her.

After bringing her back to his place above his brother’s tattoo shop, they begin to put some pieces together as to what happened to Charlie and it appears that it also involves Rixey and her father.  Rixey pulls in his Special Forces buddies because he now sees that Charlie is the key to clearing all of them of the erroneous charges that forced them out of the Army.  I don’t want to spoil too much, but everything goes back to a mission gone awry in Afghanistan.

Rixey and Becca were just ok as a couple and individuals.  Becca was a little bit naïve about her family, but I appreciated that she wasn’t a shrinking violet when things got tough.  Nick is a hard ass, but the scenes with his brother were really sweet.  Their relationship is total insta-love and even though I didn’t completely buy their chemistry, the love scenes were hot.

This is the first in a new series so I was expecting a lot of background information, but the pacing was incredibly slow.  Aside from when Rixey initially saves Becca, nothing of note happens until almost the 60% mark.  I think the plot is interesting and when the action starts, the story captures interest, but be prepared to wade through the first half.

Obviously, the story will continue to unfold as each team member will get his own book.  I really hope that Kaye will give Rixey’s brother, Jeremy, a book!!  I will definitely be checking out the next in the series to see if the story picks up.

Rating: C+

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Hard As It Gets
by Laura Kaye
Release Date: November 26, 2013
Publisher: Avon

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