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by surpriseReviewed by Shelly

I would consider myself a connoisseurs of all things m/m/f and this isn’t my first story by Alyssa Turner. “Polished” left me curious enough to read another of her stories. As with that story, I found things with this one that didn’t really work for me. Maybe because it’s only 77 pages and there wasn’t time to develop the characters. Gay Nicholas and bi-sexual Paxton are happily married. Nicholas has just lost his job as a counselor and cop Paxton’s already working overtime and doubles so money is very tight in that household. Paxton running into Jodi, his best friend from high school seems like a lifesaver because she’s looking for a place to stay and the guys have a room to rent – perfect solution. A little too perfect.

Soon after moving in Jodi overhears the guys having sex, probably because they left the door open but hey who doesn’t do that? So typical of m/m/f when the heroine can’t help being turned on hearing the grunts, groans and noises of two dudes getting it on – Jodi follows suit and immediately gets turned on and wants to be the filling in their sandwich. I’m honest to goodness just fed up with that. Then there’s gay Nicholas who has never been attracted to a woman all of a sudden deciding that he’s going to give his husband a present – a night with a woman – and then deciding that Jodi would be that woman. I really didn’t understand that at all because these two guys had already had threesomes with other males so why now all of a sudden a woman? Because you don’t have girl parts? He already knew that and still married you so what’s the real motivation here?

Then Nicholas’s feelings for Jodi develop over a couple of days/weeks. I didn’t see them falling in love. I saw them becoming friends. I had a hard time buying into the sexual attraction from Nicholas to Jodi and definitely from Jodi to Nicholas. Nicholas and Paxton had a few conversations about Paxton’s previous relationship with Jodi. But I didn’t understand how they stopped being friends and how Jodi’s ex-husband’s involvement in her life really changed their supposed friendship. I got the feeling that Jodi was some kind of rebel in her younger teenage years – drinking, smoking, all those kinds of things that kids do thinking they’re so original when it’s the exact opposite. Off my soapbox now.

I didn’t care of any of these three characters. Their romance came off forced, flat and forgettable. There was sex but not anything outstanding – the saving grace was that there was no BDSM. Thank goodness! This book was a meh for me.

Happy Reading Folks!

Rating: C

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By Surprise
by Alyssa Turner
Release Date: March 2, 2013
Publisher: Etopia Press



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