Review: Claiming Her Warriors

claiming her warriorsReviewed by Shelly

This is a fun novella that actually has a pretty good plot. Brianna is from a blue planet (I’m assuming Earth) that’s since died. She’s was one of the rescued human women that came to this new planet, Lumineta, in search of a new life. Aeron was one of the warriors who rescued Brianna and he fell in lust at first site. He and his brother, Hauk, want nothing more than to keep Brianna for their own.

For such a short story, about 78 pages on Kindle, Savannah Stuart did a fine job of building these personalities into likable ones. I got a good sense about Brianna and her wants and needs. She’s not a prude in what the brothers want, she’s just not used to neither the situation nor the culture of the planet. Normally I would say poppycock to all that because of the speedy sex and the even speedy ‘I love you’ – but I actually liked Brianna because she didn’t say no no no one day then yes yes yes the next. The guys had to wear her down over a long while.

The brothers each had their own distinct personality. Aeron was the more aggressive, while Hauk balanced out his brother by being the gentler of the two. I can’t give away too much as it’s a novella after all, but pick this one up if you’re in the mood for a quick and fun read that will make you want to know more about the warriors on planet Lumineta.

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Rating: B

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Claiming Her Warriors
by Savannah Stuart (Katie Reus)
Release Date: July 22, 2013

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