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double clickReviewed by Shelly

Picking up where Click: An Online Love Story left off, we’re once again immersed in the online world of Renee, Shelley, Ashley and Mark. The shenanigans and tomfoolery continue, especially for Renee and Shelley. Ashley and Mark have their own drama going on, but I really enjoyed Renee and Shelley’s banter. Just in case you missed the first one, you can read this one as a standalone, but as it’s a continuing storyline featuring all the same characters, your enjoyment will be ten times better reading the first one. So be warned that I’m going to spoil the first one for you.

Renee, the most conservative do-gooder of the group, is going against the grain and is happily shacking up with her boyfriend Ethan. My judgmental eyebrow went schwing on that one considering her background, but I was thrilled to see that she didn’t change too much. Yes, there’s some growth, but not too big of a deviation from the way she was previously introduced. I fell in-like with Ethan all over again; he’s such a nice guy. Even more so in this than the last one, the degrees of separation from Shelley to Ethan to Renee still made me shake my head, because isn’t that the way life works.

Shelley was my favorite in this one. She’s FINALLY growing up. She’s been keeping secrets from her friends that will forever change the dynamic of this circle. And like Renee, I was really disappointed that she didn’t trust Renee the same way that Renee trusted her. That made me think the friendship isn’t as tight as I initially thought. I liked the direction that Becker took with her. The timing was perfect for that season in her life.

Sadly, Ashley is still my least favorite character. She’s still a piss-poor friend who has better friends that she is to them. Mark, on the other hand, surprised me with some of his newly acquired machismo. There’s a little show-down with him and one of the ladies and I had to give him a virtual high-five. Who knew he had that in him?! That new woman in his life though – she has got to learn basic English; would it seriously kill ‘er to maybe use proper punctuation?

Overall, this is a good addition to the series and even without any great big ups and downs is still a fun read. I’m looking forward to the next one in the series, hopefully more about Mark.

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Rating: B

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Double Click
by Lisa Becker
Release Date: March 27, 2013

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