Janell’s Favorites of 2013

I read a lot of books this year, but I’m only listing the best in my arbitrarily-assigned categories.

that scandalous summerBest Regency: That Scandalous Summer by Meredith Duran. It’s got a bit of a twist, the heroine is a widow with a bit of a reputation, and the hero tries to keep his distance from her. He fails.

Best not-quite-Regency: Close to the Wind by Zana Bell: It has a girl masquerading as a boy to gain passage on a ship to New Zealand! And there’s a part where both she and the hero are using assumed identities but exchanging knowing glances across the dinner table. I got a little swoony.

immortal gameBest Contemporary/Historical mashup: The Immortal Game by Joannah Miley: A modern girl falls for a Greek god and journeys to Olympus and the Underworld. Watch all your favorite creepy Greek stories come to life!

Best Too-Short Contemporary: Gaming for Keeps by Seleste deLaney: Geeky gamers meet up at a con, in costume, and fall for each other ¬†while the hero saves the world from a bad guy because that’s his day job. So much nerdy goodness!

Best YA/Series Capper: Here Without You by Tammara Webber: The end (sniff!) of a series about young Hollywood stars finding love. The celebrity aspect becomes background to the super-awesome, super-flawed characters and I might have cried a lot.

lickBest Waking Up Married in Vegas: Lick by Kylie Scott: Yum. Funny, believable, hot, yummy, hot, sexy, sweet, renders me incapable of cohesive thought. Yum.


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