Review: Never Trust a Pirate

never trust a pirateReviewed by Carrie

This is the second book in a trilogy about three sisters who go into service in the households of very bad men in order to discover who was responsible for their father’s downfall and death.  The first book in this series, Never Kiss a Rake, was underwhelming for me for one of my favorite authors but I was hoping it was just a fluke.  Sadly, despite promises of a devilish pirate, this one didn’t really work out either.

After her sister Bryony elopes to the continent with the Earl of Kilmartyn, Madeline Russell figures it’s her turn to try and infiltrate the house of the next person on their list of potential suspects of their father’s murder.  Her father’s last note prior to dying specifically called out Thomas Morgan, one of his ship’s captains.  Following in her sister’s footsteps, Maddy is hired on as house help in Morgan’s house thinking it will be easy to uncover any mysteries an aging dimwitted seaman has.

Unfortunately for Maddy, Captain Morgan (ahem) is a young and handsome man who is adept at keeping secrets.  Born Luca, a half-blood gypsy virtually abandoned by his family, he grew up a street urchin on the streets of London.  He eventually found his way to the docks and developed a new identity; one that was more palatable by the general public.  To complete his respectable transformation, he becomes engaged to his solicitor’s daughter and buys his former employer’s ship, the Maddy Rose.  Everything is coming up roses for Morgan until he notices that his new housemaid is not only incredibly beautiful but he is positive she isn’t who she proclaims she is.

Maddy is arrogant and haughty but for all her airs, she isn’t adverse to hard work.  She is clearly struggling with her change in fortune and her behavior doesn’t change much throughout the book making her a little tough to take as a heroine.  Luca/Morgan, however, was not a typical dark Stuart hero.  His hidden vulnerability made him a little more sympathetic character.  Their relationship was predictable though well written.

It seems my major issue with this series is lack of dialogue to connect the characters in a meaningful way.  I would wager to say that 80% of the book is narrative and that made for a very slow moving book.  Perhaps I’m holding the author to standards set by other books she’s written that I adore, but this series just isn’t doing it for me and I won’t be continuing.

Rating: C-

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Never Trust a Pirate
by Anne Stuart
Release Date: December 3, 2013
Publisher: Montlake Romance

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