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binary lawReviewed by Janell

I was excited to read this book about a geeky math tutor falling for his — what do we call her? student? tutee? why can’t I think? — the girl he helps. I love a geeky boy. Alas, Blake was not geeky enough for me.

Blake and Ellie meet in high school. He has a crush on her and offers to help her study, so every week for years they meet at a coffee shop and study. The book opens on their last study date, and Blake is ready to make his move. But Ellie gets a call from her dad that he’s being transferred and they leave tomorrow! She’s upset, Blake comforts her, and she kisses him, because she’s been in love with him all this time, too.

But then, sadly, Ellie loses her phone and her address book in the move, so she never calls Blake again. I don’t know why they weren’t able to track each other down, but that’s not something we should worry about.

What we should worry about is the fact that, six years after high school, Ellie is a lawyer handling a case for a multi-billion-dollar company. She majored in “Law” at Yale, skipped law school altogether, then got a job at a law firm in New York. When one of the attorneys there falls in love with her, she decides to move back to Boston because she is still in love with Blake.

This is where I should point out that I suspect that the author is British. Not just the majoring in Law part, but also the fact that people take lifts instead of elevators, cars have bonnets, an operating room is a theatre, movers are called removalists, a bachelor party is called a bucks party, and every character says “whilst.” Consider it to be bonus culture!

Blake’s geekiness manifests in the beginning with his Star Wars t-shirt, eyeglasses, and unsure footing, but that’s pretty much it. Six years later, he and his two best friends have a multi-billion-dollar software company. Ellie gets assigned to defend them against a plagiarism accusation, sparks fly, love is in the air, and all that jazz. Blake is rich, Ellie is sexy, there’s no particular geek boy/popular girl dynamic, just a lot of love, loving, and more love.

Ellie is the greatest woman in the world. Blake has pined for her for six years (again, so sad that a computer genius couldn’t track her down, maybe he was afraid to?) and told all his friends about her. Ellie’s best friend from high school, whom she also lost touch with, has a giant Ellie-sized hole in her heart until Ellie’s private investigator finds her. And Ellie’s ex-boyfriend keeps trying to win her back. No one can get over Ellie.

I have to nitpick another thing…Ellie starts dating Blake, but there’s no conflict of interest with her also representing his company? Her ex-boyfriend represents the plaintiffs, but there’s no conflict of interest there? What’s become of the American legal system?

Basically, this book didn’t do much for me. The characters are in love, they don’t overcome great obstacles, they just stay in love. So if you want to read about happy people being in love, then you will totally enjoy this. If you want a little more drama, you may want to skip it.

Ratung: C-

*ARC provided by author for review

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Binary Law
by MH Grace
Release Date: December 5, 2013

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