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chain of illusionsReviewed by Jen

This third installment in the Bringer and the Bane series picks up immediately where the last one left off, with both Rell and Siban at a turning point in their lives.  Both are about to undergo the transformation into Bringers, but first Rell must shed her Bane form and become human again.

If you’re lost already, don’t feel bad.  The prologue of the book delivers a fairly good info dump that sets the stage for the story.  Chances are, you’re going to feel like you’re jumping in to the middle of a love story in progress. But that’s true even for those of us who have read the series from the beginning. It’s one of my complaints.  The bond between Rell and Siban formed off page.  They’re living for one another and totally enamored from their shared history in the Shadow Realm.  Back then, Siban was a prisoner of the demons and Rell was his savior.  They’ve been apart since his escape, but their feelings for each other stayed strong.

I felt kind of robbed, because we don’t really see them fall for each other. Yes, we watch them develop deeper feelings and navigate the pitfalls of a new relationship, but it’s kind of meh.  The big issue surrounds Siban’s desire to protect Rell, while she feels like he’s not respecting her decisions.  As far as relationships go, I felt like it lacked intensity.  There were so many missed opportunities to explore their pasts… both as individuals and as a couple.  Specifically, I felt like Siban had the potential to be a great tortured hero, but it was only superficially acknowledged.  It was a little better with Rell, but just barely.  I wanted to feel some angst from these two, and all I got was some light conflict.

The story wasn’t bad.  Lackluster at times, yes. Too long, yes.  Predictable, super yes. But there were some positives too.  For one thing, the sex is good.  The world-building is unique and solid fantasy –complete with dragons, magic, and a medieval feel.  And the secondary characters are compelling and intriguing.  I am still a big fan of Icarus, specifically –and I am glad that there is a path laid out for both his redemption and his HEA.

These books have potential, and every time a new one comes out, I pick it up, thinking I’ll like it better than the last and it doesn’t quite happen.  Maybe an Icarus book will change the tide.

Rating: C

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Chain of Illusions
by Boone Brux
Release Date: November 26, 2013
Publisher: Entangled

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