Review: Demon Blood

demon bloodReviewed by Jen

My goodness, this a is great series!  Not only did I enjoy the romance, but the story was fantastic too.  I loved the characters. I loved the world-building. The pacing. The dialogue. The sex.  The climax.  In a word… it ROCKED.

This is Deacon and Rosalie’s book, and it was set up beautifully in Demon Forged.  Rosalie was the Guardian who was tortured by the nephalim.  Deacon was the vampire forced to betray Irena in order to save his partners.  Only, they were already dead.  Now he is a pariah among his people.  The only thing that keeps him putting one foot in front of the other is his mission to kill demons.  They are to blame for the destruction of his community and for killing his loved ones.  Now, he will take down as many as can… even if he ends up going down with them.

Rosalie has bigger plans for him.  She has always held a soft spot for Deacon, ever since he saved her from a pair of rapists years ago.  She even paved the way for him becoming a vampire.  Of course, he doesn’t remember what he did for her. And he could never see himself the way she sees him.  So he is skeptical of offer to help him slay the enemy.  He turns down her overtures, repeatedly.  But she makes it so easy to take down the demon targets.  Her beauty and her sad eyes don’t help him resist either.  Before you know it, he is a key part in her demon takedown operation.

I don’t know who I loved more: Deacon or Rosalie.  There is so much depth to both characters. Rosalie is so amazingly brilliant!  She is a master strategist who moves the players in the supernatural factions around like pieces on a chess board.  But just as impressive are her selflessness, her loyalty, and her basic goodness.  She wants the world to be a better place and is willing to fight the good fight to make a change.  She puts her whole heart into those she loves, from her son to Deacon… even her despicable brother.  She is vulnerable without being weak; strong without losing her softness.  I not only liked her, but I respected her.

Then there is poor Deacon. He basically hates himself to the point where he can’t imagine anyone finding good in him.  The loss of his partners and his people broke something in him; and that injury was made exponentially worse by the choices he had to make in his deal with the demon while trying to save them. He compromised his principles, only to lose anyway.  It is completely inconceivable to him that Rosalie could find him a good man, a worthy man.  At times, this made him treat her in ways she didn’t deserve.  But I had to forgive him, since he was so incapable of forgiving himself.  It made for some painful starts and stops.  I just wanted so much for them to find their way to one another! And when they do, it’s so damn satisfying.

Aside from the romance, I loved watching Rosalie’s big plan come together. It’s so bold and brilliant! And it has major implications for the series arc.  I am also fascinated by what is happening with Parker and Michael.  There is so much action and angst. I absolutely can’t wait to see where it all goes next.

Rating: A-

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Demon Blood
by Meljean Brook
Release Date: July 6, 2010
Publisher: Berkley

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