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guardian demonReviewed by Jen

I have so many feelings after reading this book. So many.  The basic takeaway, though, is that I loved it.  It was everything you could hope for the ending of an epic, awesome series, but so rarely get.  The romance is exceptional.  But beyond that, Meljean Brook does a masterful job of weaving together elements and characters from previous books to build a breathtaking climax and utterly satisfying conclusion.

If you haven’t read any books in this series, I urge you to start at the beginning.  That’s actually kind of hard for me to say, because I didn’t love Demon Angel.  But that is the origin for everything that builds moving forward. It sets the foundation for everything that happens, and while you could enjoy this book on its own, you’ll cry rainbow tears of joy if you read it as the series finale it’s meant to be.

Going into this book, it was tough to see how Brook was going to make the love story work.  Michael has really put Taylor through the wringer.  And frankly, as this installment begins, it gets worse before it gets better.  After all, when we last saw Michael, he was a dragon flying around hell. He’s been eating the beasties there and generally being crazy after his time spent in the frozen field.  Taylor needs to coax him back to his own body, so she can finally be free of his presence in her mind.  Bad things happen.  (I’m not going to tell you what they are. Stop trying to spoil yourself.)

Fast forward a bit and basically Taylor has to get over her Michael issues long enough to help the Guardians stop Lucifer’s plan to scorch the Earth.  She is angry with him for all he has put her through… angry and terrified.  But she has no idea the depths to which she has touched him.  While in her mind, Michael fell head over heels for her, and he wants nothing more than to have her close; to savor every moment with her while it lasts.  And it makes for one heck of romance.

One of the things I like so much about Michael is how he manages to maintain his “otherness” while still being so desirable.  Brook never cops out and makes him a cookie-cutter anything.  I believed in his ancientness, in how he has evolved over time.  I was completely captivated by the reverence he held for Taylor.  How he soaked in every single detail of her; how he needed her like air.  I loved his gentleness, his patience.  And I was heartbroken by his constant self-affirmations that every little scrap would be enough… that whatever time with her would be enough.  But as readers, we know there is a countdown on their growing relationship, and moreover, we know no amount of time would be enough.

Taylor is fantastic as well.  She has been through a lot and still retains her desire to make a difference in the world.  I loved watching her fall in love with Michael.  Their slow quest into a physical relationship was equal parts maddening and incendiary.  There was so much sexual tension, but so much longing and fear and need too.  It was sexy, but it was so emotionally charged as well.  And when that countdown I was talking about approaches zero, you feel like someone is stomping all over your heart.

In the meantime, there is a mystery to solve surrounding Lucifer’s plan. Once the particulars come to light, we get the big showdown between good and evil we have been building toward since the beginning.  It’s so… big. I love how Brook ties in all of the characters we have invested in all this time.  We see how she has been building toward this with their storylines and their gifts.  And the end is everything you want.

I loved it. (You should read it. Really.)

Rating: A

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Guardian Demon
by Meljean Brook
Release Date: August 6, 2013
Publisher: Berkley


  1. YEA!! I am so glad that you made it through this series and loved reading it like I did! The ending is perfect for this series. It’s been fun reading your reviews as you’ve gone through the series.

  2. Jen at Red Hot Books says:

    OMG, Jen, I loved this book so much!!

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