Review: Kiss of Crimson

kiss of crimsonReviewed by Jen

I am still waiting to be wowed by this series.  So many of my book-buddies are fans, but I can barely muster up a meh for it. It wasn’t bad, but much like Kiss of Midnight, I found this installment to be predictable and just very stereotypical of the PNR genre.

This is Dante’s story. He is pretty unremarkable among the Breed males. He is not the tortured one, the super-serious one, or the leader. The only thing that really differentiates him from his brethren is that he has visions of his own death.  Anyway, Dante is out hunting for Rogue vamps, when he is badly injured. He stumbles into the veterinary clinic run by Tess and takes her blood for survival.  It’s only afterwards, he realizes she is a Breedmate and he has inadvertently begun a bond between them.

Dante quickly erases Tess’s memory of their meeting and arranges to meet her again under better circumstances. The story follows his courtship of her, as he works to track down a new drug plaguing the vampire community.  You can see from the beginning the deceptions that are going to blow them up down the line.  You know what is going to happen to the young missing vampire who new-character Chase is searching for.  You know exactly what to think of Tess’s ex-boyfriend. And I bet you even guess what her special power is.  (*sigh*)

The sex is hot. I’ll definitely give credit there.  But the love is really fast; the premise is kind of tired; and there isn’t anything to really make it stand out in a sea of PNRs just like it.

Rating: C

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Kiss of Crimson
Lara Adrian
Release Date: May 29, 2007
Publisher: Dell


  1. I think of this series as BDB lite.

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