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luck of the dragonReviewed by Jaimie

Luck of the Dragon is the first book in a new series by Susannah Scott and revolves around a group of dragon shape-shifters who live in plain sight in Las Vegas.  Dragons are not typically my thing but the blurb of the book hooked me and I’m definitely glad I gave it a shot!

Luciana de Luca is a world renowned gemologist who has worked incredibly hard to put her difficult childhood behind her and build a stable life.  The only thing holding her back is her useless twin brother who continuously gets in trouble through gambling debts and then turns to his sister to bail him out.  His latest screw up has him in deep with a notorious mob boss and he once again turns to Lucy to save his hide.

In order to save her brother, Lucy puts on a tight, revealing dress and killer shoes and heads to the Crown Jewel Casino on the Las Vegas strip.  The owner of the casino, Alec Gerald, invites Lucy to the grand opening so that she can appraise his extremely valuable gem exhibit that will be one of the big draws at the Crown Jewel.  Successful, intelligent and extremely attractive, Alec also happens to be the king of the dragon shape-shifters.  Lucy’s objective is to get close to him and swipe the key card for the exhibit to pass on to the mob boss and save Joey.  Since his senses are heightened as a shifter, he feels her grab the card but does not call her on it.

Alec is immediately drawn to Lucy and quickly realizes he has met his mate – and just in time.  As a male dragon waits to find his mate, he slowly begins to lose his dragon form and Alec has been waiting for a long time.  He has his hands full as his people are getting ready for a mating ceremony that only happens periodically and in addition to trying to convince Lucy to give him a chance, he also needs to figure out why she stole his key card.

Thinking she has saved Joey, Lucy buys them one way plane tickets to get out of town but the mob boss and Joey have different plans.  Alec has changed the codes on the pass so that it cannot be used and they demand that Lucy steal another one or Joey will die.  While she is figuring out a way to do this, she begins to develop feelings for Alec and is very conflicted over where her loyalties should be.

I really liked the world Ms. Scott created for this series, particularly having the dragons living in plain sight in Las Vegas.  Having only the male dragons lose their form if they don’t find their mate adds an interesting component to it for future stories as I find that its usually the woman that has consequences for not finding their mate.  Alec is a total alpha male but does not come across as an asshole, and he was willing to lose his dragon if walking away was what Lucy wanted.

Lucy was a little more challenging for me.  She is smart, successful and has worked really hard to get where she is.  But when it comes to her brother she is a total sucker and repeatedly bails him out.  The siblings, who are twins, have been close since their difficult childhoods but it is a completely one-sided relationship.  Joey screws up, Lucy bails him out, he says he will never do it again, then repeat.  When Lucy calls him crying for help he refuses to give it to her and she still turns around and steals from Alec.  It made her look naive and and brought my opinion of her down a few notches.

There were a couple of things that bothered me in addition to my comments about Lucy.  The first was how quickly Alec forgave her after she stole from him.  The scene where they worked things out felt extremely rushed and after the time it took to build it up, it felt a little anticlimactic.  The second thing was that after the scene where Lucy is attacked by the dragon everything felt a little rushed.  It wasn’t enough to ruin the book for me but I definitely noticed it.

Overall I enjoyed the book and I will be checking out the next one in the series.  I’m hoping we will get to see a story for Joey that involves him turning his life around.  There were also a few secondary characters, in particular the Doctor and Lilly Belle, that drew me in and I’m looking forward to reading about them.

Rating: B-

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Luck of the Dragon
by Susannah Scott
Release Date: June 24, 2013
Publisher: Entangled

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