Review: Possession by JR Ward

possessionReviewed by Jen

I had some very mixed feelings about this book. The things about it I loved, I loved a lot. The romance was incredibly sexy and awesomely unpredictable. But I am sick to death of Jim and every single bit of the storyline associated with him.

Let’s start with the good. The romance is actually a love triangle, which I usually can’t stand. Here, though, it worked in a big way and kept me intrigued from beginning to end. Our heroine is Caitlyn, a children’s book illustrator who is trying to transform herself after a failed relationship. (Way, way after. Think years.) She looks better than she ever has and now is trying to get out there and live her life instead of insulating herself for protection. As the story begins, she goes out with a friend and crosses paths with sexy singer GB. She is instantly drawn to him and can’t believe how quickly they click. But in that same night, she locks eyes with Duke. Her attraction to the dangerous and hard bouncer is like a lightning strike. After years of celibacy, she suddenly has two men in her life who she undeniably wants –and who both want her.

From years of reading Ward’s book, I was pretty sure I knew who the ultimate love interest would be, but what was so unexpected was the road to get there. There is much more to both heroes than meets the eye. GB is so charming and great with Cait. But with Duke, it’s raw sexual attraction. Ward puts us inside both of their heads, and I loved how their backstories were slowly revealed. I don’t want to spoil anything, but in a genre were so many books are painfully predictable, it was really awesome how she crafted this part of the story. It was angsty and dark and artfully interconnected. I loved Duke. He is so sullen and angry, nearly broken, but while he has made some bad choices, he is still a good guy underneath… and hella sexy too.

While the story surrounding Cait, GB, and Duke was my favorite part of the story, it wasn’t perfect. My biggest beef with it was that I didn’t believe in any deeper emotions in the relationships. The attraction I could feel –and the rapport—between Cait and GB. And the sex with Duke?? Holy cow. Just… wow. But love? No way. There is absolutely no foundation to support that.

Yet the real fail here is in the Jim-Devina-big picture storyline. I have reached critical mass with Jim. He is an idiot. A short-sighted, selfish, lovesick, borderline pedophile, masochistic idiot.  I was never big on the Sissy storyline, but now it’s just about ruined his character for me.  I actually like Sissy ok, but Jim? Blech.  Adrian is stepping up, which I appreciate, but even he can not save this side of the story.  I’m sick of Jim. I’m sick of Devina.  I’m sick of all the sex-torture drama and punishment.  Seriously. Stick a fork in me.

I’m not quite ready to throw in the towel on the series, because the triangle was reminded me of how much Ward can kick ass.  But she needs to clean up the series arc… and fast.

Rating: B-

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by JR Ward
Release Date: October 1, 2013
Publisher: Penguin


  1. Oddly enough even though I’m obsessed with the BDB series I haven’t tried this one. I may have to give it a go. Great review!


  2. I’ve only read books 1 & 2 of this series. I keep meaning to get caught up but just can’t find the thing that makes me care. LOL

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