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sweet revengeReviewed by Jaimie

Sweet Revenge is the second book in the Sin Brothers series by Rebecca Zanetti that revolves around the Dean brothers who were genetically engineered as part of a black ops division of the government.  The boys were created and raised in a lab but they made their escape when they were older and are now on the run trying to survive.  If you read my review of Forgotten Sins you know that I instantly fell in love with the brothers from the prologue of that book and I really enjoyed Shane and Josie’s story.  Matt and Laney’s story was even better and this book put Ms. Zanetti on my auto-buy list!

On top of being hunted by the group that they abandoned, they all have chips implanted in their spines that will kill them if they don’t enter a new code every five years.  They are 6 weeks away from that deadline and Matt is on the hunt looking for one of the doctors that can save his brothers, when he gets a lead that sends him to Charmed, Idaho.  On the way there he is jumped and arrives in the alley of a bar bleeding.  There are three doctors in town that Shane cannot find background information on and with the tight deadline Matt doesn’t have time to be injured.  As he’s resting in the alley Laney Jacobs comes out of the bar she owns and sees the injured man.  Instead of using caution and running back inside she immediately goes to his aid and brings him into the bar – where she faints when she sees the blood.

Shane’s book was really more about bringing us in to the story, giving the essential background and building the characters while in Matt’s book the focus is on finding anyone that can help them stop the chip from killing them.  We learned a lot more about the agency they worked for and got to know each of the brothers a little better.  Even though the locations change, Zanetti has written the books in a way that we don’t need to see the brothers together all the time to know the bond that they have and that point is the heart of the series.

As the oldest, Matt had the difficult task of training his brothers harshly in order to save their lives.  He protects them and puts them first and his main concern is their’s and Josie’s safety.  He’s willing to do whatever it takes to find out how to stop that chip and the sexy bartender is the perfect cover.  She is looking for a bouncer for a bike rally that travels through once a year for two weeks and she hires Matt, instinctively knowing that she can trust him. The three doctors that Matt needs to investigate are customers of the bar so he is able to gain access to them fairly quickly, but his judgment is becoming clouded by his attraction to Laney and his growing feelings for her.  For the first time in his life he wants something more than just his brothers.

I really liked both Matt and Laney.  Matt could snap your neck in a second but he is extremely protective of people he cares about, and as a serial killer puts Laney in his sights, Matt is determined to make sure she stays alive.  Lately I find I skim through a lot of sex scenes because it kind of feels like you are reading the same thing over and over, however in this book the chemistry was so hot and the sex scenes were done so well I read every word.  Laney doesn’t take orders from Matt (unless its in the bedroom), and she is a strong, confident woman who obviously has her own demons and secrets.  The two agree that this is just temporary and they want to make the most of it.  But as both the Commander and the serial killer close in both realize their feelings run a lot deeper than temporary.

I LOVE being surprised in a book.  Sometimes I read a book and I think I have things figured out and then it doesn’t work out but this book gave me numerous surprises.  I was wrong in which Doctor I thought was the “one” Matt was looking for, I was wrong about who the serial killer was and there were a few scenes and surprises that had me re-reading because I was sure I had read it wrong.  There were a couple of WTF I didn’t see that coming moments and I literally could not stop reading.  I was up until 4am finishing it because I had to know how it ended.  The tease at the back of the book for Nate’s book was just plain torture since we have to wait until May for the next one!

I have already recommended this series to all of my friends and if you like a tortured alpha male who’s not an asshole, and strong female leads then you are going to love this series!  It is fast-paced, the “character story” and overall plot of the book weave together perfectly and at the end I was frantically searching Ms. Zanetti’s website to find out when the next one comes out.  I cannot wait for Nate’s story to release and to see where some of the plot points are going to end up!

Rating: A+

*ARC Provided by Forever

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Sweet Revenge
by Rebecca Zanetti
Release Date: December 3, 2013
Publisher: Forever


  1. I love covers like this where the dude has no shirt on but he has his gun holster on. LOL
    Ever since I started the Cut & Run series I’ve been waiting to try some more Romantic Suspense novels. I’ll have to check out book 1 of this series.

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