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try meReviewed by Shelly

This is the beginning of the ‘Take a Chance’ series and it did a fine job of capturing my attention. Although it’s a novella there’s a lot of story that’s told. Sergeant Jeremy Addison is in Vegas on a month’s leave. He’s just had his butt handed to him and is now wandering the desert – bruised, bloodies and swollen. Erica is driving along minding her own business when she sees someone on the side of the road who clearly needs some help. Putting her Good Samaritan hat on, Erica rescues Jeremy. But the question is – who needs rescuing the most?

Jeremy and Erica have a history. He, the best friend of Erica’s brother, has always had a mad crush on her. She, the little sister, has always had a crush on her brother’s best friend. You ever notice that when you like someone, every little thing they say can either raise you higher than the clouds or make you feel lower than dirt? Well, Jeremy and Erica had their own versions of this.

I thought this was good story, but there were a couple of small things that just kept needling me. One of them was the timing. This story takes place when Jeremy and Erica are middle 20s which is 7 years after their last meeting. Now their last meeting was when they were teens. I can understand Jeremy being off to war, getting tattoos and his life story (thus far.) What I didn’t understand was Erica going to college, graduating law school, already having a flourishing law career and already owning her own home – shouldn’t that take longer than 7 years? Maybe she’s a genius who put herself through college and law school with no loans, and just has a knack for law and finances to get where she is. It just didn’t flow in a way that made sense to me, but I can suspend belief enough to enjoy the romance.

Jeremy was actually a sweet guy. He was so completely in love with Erica and just wanted her. After telling her, when they were both young, that he was in love with her, he never understood why she ran away. And frankly neither did I – that’s the other thing I didn’t understand. The reason that Erica gave made no sense to me. Yes, she has had some challenges since their last meeting but what about before they parted? But if I skip over that and just ignore it, it didn’t take away from their current romance. I must say that I didn’t like Erica as much as I liked Jeremy. Probably because her motivation wasn’t as clear to me as was Jeremy’s.

Overall, their story was okay and the chemistry worked. If you’re interested in a quick, easy, fun read – give this one a try. What happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas…

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Rating: B-/C+

*ARC provided by Entangled Publishing for review

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Try Me
by Diane Alberts
Release Date: May 24, 2012
Publisher: Entangled Ever After

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