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be mine foreverReviewed by Shelly

I’ve been waiting on Trey’s story for a while now. Color me happy, folks, because that was some good reading. This is book 4 in the St. Helena Vineyard series and I’m not sure how many more stories Adair will be writing about this town and/or the DeLucas; I’m expecting at least one more – Abigail and her nemesis, former NFL player Jack Tanner. But before I get carried away about how much I’m looking forward to that, back to Trey. I’m hoping that you, dear readers, have read the first books in the series because even though this one is a standalone, it would be so much more enjoyable if read sequentially. Trey started getting under my skin in the second book, he was so… almost anti-commitment, didn’t believe in settling down and certainly not in St. Helena. I gleefully looked forward to his fall from bachelorhood. So glad I waited.

Trey is the last born son of the DeLuca’s. He’s also the only son who doesn’t live full-time in St. Helena. Instead, he constantly travels as the head of sales. His latest and biggest deal could land the family business a sweet market spot in Italy. But first, he has to make the pitch to the siblings. On this particular home visit, he meets Sarah. Sarah is the local dance teacher and also a widow with a young son. Sarah’s husband was a soldier who was the love of her life, so that’s a lot for Trey to live up to.

Trey and Sarah’s flirtation took up the first half to three-fourths of the story, so it’s a really slow build with lots of innuendos, sly looks, and Trey’s inner monologue on the virtues for Sarah’s dancing attire. Somehow that worked and I wasn’t in a great big hurry for them to just do it. As a single mom, I could understand Sarah’s hesitancy to take Trey into her bed and I could definitely see her hesitation to have Trey interaction with her kid, especially after he tells her that he’s only going to be in town on a very temporary basis.

Trey’s wanderlust stems from guilt over some past hurts and it’s going to take some time to get over that. I didn’t really see a lot of resolution to that, but it didn’t take away from the romance. Trey’s love and affection for his family is very typical of the DeLucas. I could clearly see the reasons that he fell in love with Sarah and her precocious son — what a cute kid. I found myself anticipating what Trey was going to do, not really about Sarah, but about his growing relationship with Sarah’s son. There were moments I was applauding Trey and then there were times I just wanted to smack him on the head.

One of my favorite parts of the storyline was about Sarah’s son. It’s very easy to write about cute kids with smart mouths, but it’s hard to write about a son whose father has died and the burden that’s now on single working mother. One being – how do you keep your child’s father’s memory alive? I can’t even imagine. Adair didn’t brush over what Sarah had to do to keep her kid happy and she didn’t brush over what Sarah couldn’t do to make her kid happy.

I really liked Sarah. I liked the decisions that she made about Trey and the way that she dealt with him. Nothing too mean or harsh, but he didn’t just walk in and get to eat his cake too. He had to work for it. Their chemistry worked well.

One surprise I was thrilled to see was the developing storyline between ChiChi and Charles. I knew there was something there but I had no clue of its longevity. Maybe Charles can step out of his box and start treating Frankie right too.

All the brothers were in this one, more so than the last book actually. There’s a new character – Sarah’s sister in law – Heather. Maybe we’ll get to see her story in the near future, maybe with Roman? Just putting that out there in the universe.

Happy Reading Folks!

Rating: B+

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Be Mine Forever
by Marina Adair
Release Date: January 21, 2014
Publisher: Montlake Romance

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