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kiss the skyReviewed by Carrie

I’ve posted before how much I liked the Addicted series – this is Rose and Connor’s story.  The authors state that this is a standalone set in the Addicted world, however I feel that a reader will miss a lot not having the background of the previous two books.

The Calloway family is still reeling from Lily’s sex addiction being revealed in the press.  Their father’s beverage company, Fizzle, has taken a hit in the stock market and Rose’s clothing line, Calloway Couture, is on its last legs.  Rose proposes a reality TV show, ala Real World, with her sisters, their boyfriends and Loren’s brother, as a way to do some damage control, repair their images and revive her clothing company.  As Rose is signing the contracts with the slimy producer, she feels the weight of responsibility for her family and her company and silently prays for a bit of luck to turn her way.

Richard “Connor” Cobalt has never needed one ounce of luck.  Every single goal Connor has set his eyes on, he has achieved through dedicated hard work.  He doesn’t mind that most people think he’s a pompous jerk who is full of himself.  Connor knows how to play every game and win at any cost. Never mind pursuing his MBA from Wharton or taking over for his mother as CEO of Cobalt Industries – the biggest goal in his life is Rose Calloway.  Everyone, including Rose, thinks he just wants to be the one to finally de-virginize 23 year old Rose, but what Connor really wants is to possess all of her, body and mind.

Rose has been the one “in control” her whole life.  Often labeled the “Ice Queen”, Rose never paid attention to any insults as she tenaciously succeeded in everything she set her mind to.  She views her clothing company as the pinnacle of her life’s success.  When the possibility of failure looms, Rose starts to unravel.  Connor Cobalt has been a thorn in her side ever since prep school.  Yet, ever since he insinuated himself in her life during Lily and Lo’s breakdown, Rose has allowed herself to rely more and more on Connor’s steadying presence.  Rose guards her virginity fiercely as a way to feel like she still has some sense of control over the relationship and as a way to keep Connor from leaving.

Through dual POVs, readers get to see the other sides of Rose and Connor that they keep hidden from the outside world.  Readers see how Rose has sheltered her sisters from their overbearing mother, supported Lily in her recovery and even made tentative peace with Loren.  We also get a good look at how Connor became the machine that he is.  I have a few quibbles about how he “overcame” his disillusionment with love so quickly, but overall, I found him to be a fascinating character.

Rose and Connor’s relationship make total sense as two Type A’s grappling for power.  This translates well even into the bedroom where their love scenes are scorching hot!  Connor is a strong dominant and Rose learns to trust Connor and let go.  Yet it’s in the quiet moments, whispering in French, before they are back at each other’s throats, that made me fall in love with the couple.  I think the authors did a really good job getting the reader to sympathize with two characters that are not warm and cuddly.

There was enough of Lily and Loren in the book to satisfy my love for them. There wasn’t nearly enough Daisy and Ryke but their book is next (I can’t wait!!).  It was really awesome to watch the 6 of them really forming into this tight cohesive group.  I could’ve done without the conflict in the end but I liked that the authors didn’t have to break up the couple to create discord.  Kiss the Sky is another solid addition to the series.  Fans of the series will very much enjoy and I will also recommend this one for those who thought the previous books were too dark and heavy.

Rating: B+

*ARC provided by the authors

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Kiss the Sky
by Krista & Becca Ritchie
Release Date: January 24, 2014

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