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after the stormReviewed by Jaimie

After the Storm is the 9th book in the KGI series by Maya Banks and it is the story that I have been waiting for!  Chances are, if you are a fan of this series you too have been waiting for Donovan’s happily ever after, and Maya delivered as usual.  It had the perfect amount of sweetness, hotness and emotion and you will most definitely fall in love with Donovan even more!

Eve is on the run with her younger siblings Travis and Cammie when they wind up in Kentucky Lake.  Planning to stay only for a short time while Cammie recovers from an unknown illness, Travis gets a job at the hardware store the Kelly’s own.  Rusty recognizes some of herself in Travis and enlists Donovan’s help to find out what is going on with the family.

Can I just say I’m totally in love with Donovan?  Although he is happy for his siblings and the love that they have found, he is also a little envious.  His house has been fully built on the Kelly Compound but he has not decorated or really furnished the home.  He has been waiting for his future wife to come in and put her touches on the house and this just adds to his appeal.

As soon as he sets eyes on Eve, Travis and Cammie, his protective instincts kick in and Donovan immediately wants to find out what they are running from.  Eve panics and attempts to hit the road again with her siblings, when a tornado hits town.  Cammie and Travis make it into a culvert but Eve is caught up in the storm.  After being rescued, Eve realizes she cannot run with her own injuries, Travis injured and Cammie still severely ill.  Left with no choice but to trust Donovan and KGI, Eve let’s down her guard and confides what they are running from.

I don’t want to give away too much but the inevitable rescue scenario was done really well.  In addition to the regular Kelly team members we get to see a little more of Skylar who is one badass bitch, and I can tell there is a killer story there waiting to be told.  For that matter, after reading this book I’m dying to read Swanny’s story too.  He’s such a sweetheart with Cammie, who is extremely scared of men and he endured a lot of the same treatment and torment as Nathan.

If I had a few small complaints about After the Storm they would be a) the number of times it is mentioned that Donovan has a soft spot for women and children and b) that there wasn’t more “action”.  One of the things I love about the KGI series is the planning and execution of the missions so I missed that action part a tiny bit.  Definitely not enough to ruin the book for me – it is up there as one of my favorites in the series.

On the plus side I felt we really got to know Rusty a lot better and got to see her as a strong, confident Kelly woman and that was great to see.  There is one scene with her that literally had me yelling “yay” in the middle of the night as my poor boyfriend slept beside me.  Oddly he didn’t find the scene as scream worthy as I did…

Overall Donovan’s story gave me exactly what I had hoped for.  Eve is a fighter who fiercely protects Cammie and Travis, and she will be good a great match for Donovan, and will fit right in with the Kelly women.  Maya has done it again!

Rating: A

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After the Storm
by Maya Banks
Release Date: January 7, 2014
Publisher: Berkley


  1. I finished this one yesterday. I’m still not sure what I thought of it lol. Love Donovan! But man, the number of times it’s mentioned that Donovan has a soft spot for women and children!!! A bit ridiculous I think…

  2. Love this series so I can’t wait to see Donovan get his HEA

  3. Although I have yet to meet a Maya Banks book that I would not buy again, this one just kind of settled in the cute/sweet/kind of unexpected for MB/so-so category for me. It may be the first one I don’t reread too.

    The insta-love for Eve AND the kids was a bit overwhelming, I could never get a visual on Eve (was there ever a description of her besides her eye color?), I agree there needed to be more action (I get the MB was doing something different, but its KGI!! I need some more shoot-em-ups!).

    I really felt like this book was a filler for the next stage in the KGI series, she wanted to give Van his HEA and catch the readers up on KGI life. We got so much more story on Rusty & Sean than I expected so you can see that book being set up and lots of Swanny stuff for the next release.

    Hoping Swanny’s book has loads of action and drama.

    • Misty – yes I was so excited with the Rusty thing. Cannot wait for that book!! Swanny should be good too – I suspect it will be more “mission” based.

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