Review: Dirty Deeds by SE Jakes

dirty deedsReviewed by Jen

I wanted to love this. I really did. It seemed like a slam dunk. I really enjoyed both books in the Hell or High Water series, from which this story sprang.  I loved the fact that one of the heroes couldn’t speak and that he would likely be some intoxicating blend of powerful and tortured.  And as an added bonus, we would finally get Cillian away from Prophet. It’s like the perfect storm… that wasn’t.

This is billed as book 1 in the Dirty Deeds series, but I can’t imagine that anyone who hasn’t read Catch a Ghost or Long Time Gone will have any idea what is going on. I read both of those books and I was still lost.  Like, I had to go on Twitter and ask people questions kind of lost.  A fellow reviewer gently pointed out to me that we are learning new things (specifically about John) that we didn’t know before because we are reading through Cillian’s POV. The problem is, he’s throwing around major intel like it’s given fact and I was 1000% sure I had missed a book along the way.

Then there is the romance.  Scratch that. There. Is. No. Romance.  Yes, I know it’s a m/m suspense, but there is nothing but some public sex and dirty instant messaging between these two. Plus they have sex with other people. In front of each other. And they fantasize about fisting and all of this dominant/ submissive stuff. And I am out.

I’m sorry. I didn’t even find the sexy times sexy.  Public bathroom sex with strangers? Jerking off with faceless people online?  The closest thing to feelings involved was the acknowledgement that they both had abusive childhoods.  There is no character development. There is no relationship development. There is sex. There is murder.  And then a big, shocking ending.

This wasn’t for me. I’m sad about it.  But people sure do love it on Goodreads, so maybe I am the black sheep.

Rating: D

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Dirty Deeds
by SE Jakes
Release Date: January 13, 2014
Publisher: Riptide

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