Review: Gift of the Goddess by Denise Rossetti

gift of the goddessReviewed by Shelly

I read this because it was a recommendation – I can’t blame the person who recommended it to me because I asked for the category. Hate is such a strong word, so I won’t use it for this book, but I strongly disliked it. There’s only so much even I can put up with and this book triggered all my ‘you’ve got to be kidding me’ buttons. I read the kindle version of this book and I can tell you that I didn’t start liking this story until page 271 of 323.

The new ‘earth’ is set very far into the future. Nothing is the same so expect some world building that’s actually pretty good. I’m not sure how the world is divided but it seems religion based and the people serve either Mother’s Hearth or Lufra, Goddess of Love. The non-humans, Hssrda, are some weird hybrid animal/human concoction that wants to either eat or enslave everyone, including their own. All that sounds pretty interesting so far, doesn’t it?  This whole other world that’s being built just for our entertainment. I was so disappointed. I got so tired of two words that kept getting mentioned throughout – Mother x 200 and Lufra x 196. Damn near every sentence of dialogue had either of these words.

For as long as this story was, there wasn’t a lot of story. Dear reader, would you like to know what there was a lot of? Sex, I tell ya, lots and lots of sex. Sex was had between Trey and Anje during the time they should have been rescuing Brin. Let me back track a little and tell you that Brin is a shaman for Lufra. Trey, the younger of the two, is his apprentice. Their camp is discovered by Anje who’s a scout for Mother’s Hearth and whose assignment is to go out and track the Hssrda. After she discovers Brin and Trey’s camp they take her captive. Very soon after, Brin and Trey are sexing it up with Anje. The only thing is that Anje doesn’t really see this going in anywhere until she’s involuntarily bonded by Brin.

Even with her duties looming over her head, Anje can’t resist the charms that Brin and Trey offer. Thank goodness that her scouting mission wasn’t really serious – I say that with a plethora of sarcasm because I do think that her people were depending on her recon work. But I digress.

Anje is from the land where women are the leaders and heads of households, so for her to be bonded to any man is terrifyingly to the point where she just goes a little bat shit crazy (that includes hurting herself). I would have believed her more if she told the guys that she didn’t want to have sex and stuck by her word. I think that might have endeared her to me a tad bit. What I did like about her was that she treated Trey differently than she did Trey in that she didn’t find fault with Trey for Brin’s doings. Then there’s Trey, the prince, who was the only one who provided some levity and relief from the intensity of Brin.

From a humble background, Brin has been the strongest and most powerful of Lufra’s shamans. His intentions were good, but his method was bad – you can’t go kidnapping people and think they’re going to be okay with that. His affection for Trey was there even though he continued to deny himself. Brin never denied Trey because Trey never asked so it’s hard for me to throw blame either direction; and Trey and Brin’s love for each wasn’t acted on until Anje pushed the envelope.

So like I said, it wasn’t until the last 50 pages when I started seeing a non-sexed up plot and liking this story but by then for me it was too late.

Happy Reading Folks!

Rating: D

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Gift of the Goddess
by Denise Rossetti
Release Date: November 1, 2009
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave

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