Review: Hiding from Hollywood by Ellie Darkins

hiding from hollywoodReviewed by Shelly

Welcome to Hollywood! Working as a waitress in a run-down diner, beautiful but quiet Abby is in hiding from her previous life as an actress. Two years prior, at the top of her game as a very successful and sought after soap-opera actress in England, Abby decided to make the move to Hollywood. Without friend or foe, Abby’s life in Hollywood gets a very rough start. After her departure from the world of glitz and glamor, Ethan Walker producer extraordinaire tracks down Abby to offer her a role of a lifetime. Is it time to get back in the game or stay hidden forever?

There was something about this story that kept me from liking it more. I’m not sure if it was the characters, pacing, dialogue or what. Abby was a nice enough girl. She’s was courteous and sweet but I didn’t understand how she could work in a place and two years later still be without friends. What does that say about her or was it the people around her? Her angst about Ethan finding out her secret seemed a bit off to me. Maybe because she’s young and inexperienced in the world of tomfoolery and shenanigans that seems to be world that she went into. Maybe because when she moved into Ethan’s house, things moved really quickly. For the trauma that she’s still recovering from, I thought her falling for Ethan was too easy. I didn’t get to know her as I wanted to. A lot of her motivation was lost on me because everything stemmed around this secret. The angst and thoughts were there; it just didn’t mesh for me.

Ethan seemed to be caught up in the looks and aesthetics of Abby more than he was with her personality. I wanted to like him so much, but like with Abby, it all felt really superficial. The chemistry between them was sweet, not hot. There was a lot of push and pull from Abby. One minute she wants Ethan and the next minute she remembers her secret and decides to push him away. And Ethan could be a jerk at times because although he told Abby that he wasn’t using her for the movie role, he seemed push her in that direction on multiple occasions. Between the two of them, I would have like to see more of the things that made them fall in love.

Taking all that in – it might seem as if I didn’t enjoy this story. I did. It’s just that the story itself was better than the individual characters. I liked this debut novel; I thought it could have used some tighter editing but overall it was a good, quick, fun read.

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Rating: B-

*ARC provided by author for review

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Hiding From Hollywood
by Ellie Darkins
Release Date: January 13, 2014
Publisher: Crimson Romance

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