Review: Leashing the Tempest by Jenn Bennett

leashing the tempestReviewed by Jen

What a satisfying novella! So often, stories like these can fill like pure filler, but I really enjoyed this afternoon spent with Cady, Lon, Juke, and Kar Yee.

It takes place just a couple of weeks after Summoning the Night. Lon and Cady have decided to take Juke out on a boat to test his new knack of persuasion.  Kar Yee agrees to be his guinea pig.  The captain is hiding something big.  Juke makes a pretty substantial mistake.  Throw in a major storm and a lightning strike and this group is facing an uphill battle to make it home alive.

There are not a lot of big overall series storyline developments or relationship changes.  It’s just a great snapshot in the life of this growing family. And it’s an opportunity to showcase Jupe, who is so wonderfully imperfect yet entirely loveable.

Be warned, it is short! And about 1/3 of my copy was an excerpt of Kindling the Moon & promo stuff, so don’t be disappointed or surprised when it’s over. You don’t have to read this one to follow with the series, but I can’t imagine that fans would want to skip.

Rating: B

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Leashing the Tempest
by Jenn Bennett
Release Date: December 17, 2012
Publisher: Pocket Star


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