Review: Romancing the Soul by Sarah Tranter

romancing the soulReviewed by Janell

This book is based upon the premise of past lives. Rachel is a professional past life regressionist, which means that through hypnosis or trance or something she gets people to remember their past lives. She’s especially interested in reconnecting soul mates, because they have an extra-special love vibe.

Rachel is not the love-interest heroine of this story. Neither is Cassie, an investigative journalist out to debunk the whole regressionist theory. However, these two women are connected to the main couple and they also share their POVs throughout the book.

Susie, Rachel’s roommate, is the heroine. And George, Cassie’s brother, is the hero. George is a famous movie star and the sexiest man on the planet. When he meets Susie, they share an instant connection that can only be based upon their past lives. George and Susie literally tingle when they’re around each other, and in the beginning their physical connection is so strong that all they do is make out.

I really wanted to love this book, but I couldn’t. My biggest issue was all the head-hopping. The four characters I’ve mentioned alternate POVs so frequently that I was distracted. It happened mid-scene all the time. Or a new scene would start without notice and I’d have to figure out who was talking and what was going on. I thought Cassie was going to be the heroine because the first chapter was all from her perspective.

I also had a problem with Susie. She’s not a thin woman, and doesn’t believe herself to be very attractive. She understandably has a hard time believing that famous sexy man George would be into her. But she ignores him for so long, not letting him explain himself. Then she takes every opportunity to believe that he’s joking with her, or that he’ll run away when he sees her naked, or that he’ll cheat on her, despite his words and actions to the contrary. Her confidence in their relationship only seems to exist when they’re together, because she leaps to some pretty ridiculous conclusions whenever they’re apart. Plus, at the end, she’s almost too stupid to live.

I had another problem with the exposition. A lot of scenes that would have been interesting were not shown, they were just described after the fact. Cassie and Rachel spent too much time talking about what George and Susie were doing and how it related to events in the past, when I would have preferred to see what was actually happening. I also would have liked more depth and introspection from George and Susie. They did have a lot sex, but after the first time it occurred behind closed doors.

So, I liked the setup, but I didn’t like the execution. I should mention that this is a very British book, and all the characters are British, so their way of talking was a nice culture change, and I narrated the whole thing in an accent in my head. Points for that. Overall, though, it was a C+.

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Romancing the Soul
by Sarah Tranter
Release Date: January 7, 2014
Publisher: Choc Lit


  1. I recently read and reviewed this book too. Like you I had problems with it. I gave it 3* but in many ways for me it was 2.5. I agree with your points.

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