Review: Summoning the Night by Jenn Bennett

summoning the nightReviewed by Jen

No sophomore slump for the Arcadia Bell series.  I enjoyed this second installment every bit as much as the first.  It was action packed –and it still had heart.  There was not a drop of relationship angst, yet I stayed enamored of the romance.  And perhaps my favorite character in the series is emerging –and he is a 14 year-old boy named Jupe.

The story begins just a few weeks after the events of Kindling the Moon.  Cady is forging ahead with her relationship with Lon… recovering from the attempt on her life.  She’s not using her new powers.  Things are going well.  That is, until Earthbound demon children begin disappearing, and it bears an uncanny resemblance to another group of kidnapping from years before.  Those children were never found.

The head of the Hellfire Club reaches out to Cady and Lon to help track down who –or whatever is snatching the kids.  It’s no easy task and it’s one that quickly grows personal as it becomes apparent that Jupe could be among those targeted.

There were so many things that I liked about this book, but the big draw for me is the central cast of characters.  Cady is likeable and so down to earth. She feels strangely normal amid all of the magic, demons and danger.  I love her humanity and her growing ties to Lon and Jupe.  Lon manages to walk this fine line between growly demon, sexy boyfriend, and dedicated dad.  It’s a strange combination, but it works.  It’s so odd to see a relationship in this genre without any internal conflict.  So far, it’s really working for me, but a nagging voice in the back of my head asks, how long can it stay interesting?  I can’t answer that, but I can say that for now, it still is.

And let’s not forget Jupe.  This kid has my heart.  And it’s so obvious that he has Cady’s too.  I love how he idolizes her, how he has already made her part of his family.  He is so good inside, and funny, and just fun.  He is such a scene stealer.  All this is why putting him in danger had me glued to the page.

My only gripe is with Dare, the Hellfire buttmonkey.  He is such a jerk, but the bothersome part is why does Lon allow it? I can understand why Cady thinks she has to bend to him, but it’s totally out of character for Lon let someone push around someone he loves.  Or maybe he doesn’t know. This wasn’t clear to me. I hope this is addressed in the next book. (And that someone kicks his smarmy ass.)

Overall, though, it really is a great ride.  It was a good mystery, a gripping climax, and a trio of really great characters. I am ready to jump into the next story already!

Rating: B+

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Summoning the Night
by Jenn Bennett
Release Date: April 24, 2012
Publisher: Pocket Books


  1. My favorite character is also Jupe! I love that kid! I feel like these books get better with every book. I freaking devoured this book! =)

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