Review: The Last Man on Earth by Tracy Anne Warren

last man on earthReviewed by Carrie

I’ve often heard authors say that they feel they have done their job when a book elicits high emotions from the reader.  Unfortunately, my feelings were not of the good variety; I wanted to throw my kindle at the wall by the time this book was over.

Madelyn Grayson has been busting her hump trying to get ahead in her cut throat advertising firm.  Just as she thought she was getting ahead, Zack Douglas, her colleague and main rival, would somehow snake the deal out from under her.  Zack never purposely set out to undermine Madelyn.  His charm and easy going swagger appealed to their more traditional clients.

A chance meeting at a New Year’s Eve party sends their contentious relationship boiling over into the bedroom.  They agree not to squander a powerful physical relationship and embark on a secret affair that relegated only to weekend hotel rooms.  Predictably, as the affair wears on, Madelyn falls in love with Zack.  Zack cares for her but can’t commit to Forever because he had a bad experience.  Then, they go through some minor conflict, which is quickly resolved, on their way to their HEA.  Sound predictable?  That’s because it totally is.

The premise of a battle of the sexes in the boardroom had potential but the execution was reduced to a script from some clichéd rom-com from the 80’s.  Both the main characters and the plot are so gender stereotypical that it frustrated me to no end.  Zack is supposed to be this big stud at work and a player after hours.  Madelyn is supposed this “high-powered” exec but just bitches and moans when things don’t fall her way.  Her solution to a client demanding a male to handle business is quitting.  When was this book written again?

The romantic relationship between Zack and Madelyn is just as tiresome.  Even though they are single people, they meet in New Jersey so as not to run into anyone they know in New York (?!?).  I can understand wanting to keep a relationship with someone you work with on the QT, but the parameters they set up are head-shaking (He can’t come to her apartment because someone might see him walk into her building).  These folks are ad people, not government officials or even married people.  Also, after not knowing anything about each other aside from work habits and sex, Madelyn decides she’s in love.  Come on…really?  When her feelings are not immediately reciprocated, she gets broody and teary in front of Zack in order to play him.

When the main conflict entered the picture, I wanted to physically throw my kindle.  I thought for Madeline to then agree to marry someone she, admittedly, didn’t love and string him along was shameful and made me hate the character. 

This book disappointed me greatly for offering up a bland romance that should’ve been left in the 80’s

Rating: D

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The Last Man on Earth
by Tracey Anne Warren
Release Date: January 7, 2014
Publisher: Signet Select

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